The Cancer personality

5 qualities
Romantic, caring, dedicated, intuitive, attentive
5 defects
Sulky, susceptible, anxious, undecided, suspicious

Among the signs of the zodiac, there is none more sensitive, more loving or more intuitive than Cancer. They are so sensitive to what's around them that their major preoccupation is security for themselves and their friends and family. In fact, they never do anything without thinking about the well-being and security of their family. 

Cancer is more influenced by the phases of the Moon than other signs, so they are said to be very moody. But it's not that they have a bad temperament, it's just that they are very sensitive to the Moon's energies. They are often extremely kind, always ready to do someone a service. They like to feel useful, especially to their close friends and family to whom they would give the shirt off their back! Nevertheless, their sensitivity can make them vulnerable and if you make them angry, they are liable to sulk. Because they are anxious and nervy, frustration can express itself in psychosomatic illnesses. 

Cancer likes

creativity, family values, using their imagination

Cancer dislikes

disputes, attracting attention, unpleasant remarks


What is Cancer like in love?

Romantic, tender, devoted

Matters of the heart have a prominent place in the life of a Cancer; they could even be called a Cancer's driving force. Cancer has an irrepressible desire to love and be loved all, of course, in an atmosphere of absolute trust. They are not great seducers, preferring lots of little steps forward when starting a relationship because of their need to feel certain. And this is the great preoccupation of this sign; Cancer constantly seeks to be reassured about the feelings you have for them. If they begin to feel neglected by you, they'll be seriously upset because they need to feel a fusion with their partner. 

Cancer is a very wise sign; their need for a tranquil life is such that if they think they have found the ideal partner they will be quick to set up home together. As long as they feel they are loved unconditionally they will be willing to sacrifice everything for their partner and forgive them anything. 


What is Cancer like as a friend?

Faithful, authentic, empathetic

In friendship as in love, Cancer does not take things lightly. Their family tends to be enough for them so they don't often feel the urge to make friends. In fact, they don't like meeting new people very much, but if you have caught their attention, it's because you have a special something that makes you stand out. When Cancers accept you as a friend, they never do it on a whim, because they will see you as almost part of their family. 

For Cancer, friends are like brothers and sisters on whom they can rely if necessary and about whom they care enormously. They also expect to be emotionally close to their friends, this is the kind of relationship where you don't have to talk to each other in order to understand each other. They prefer to see friends one-on-one but can also be happy in a group if there is a very strong bond between its members. 


What is Cancer like at work?

Creative, loyal, honest

Cancer is one of the most creative signs of the zodiac, they often have innovative ideas that get them noticed by management and so climb the ladder more quickly than their colleagues. Nevertheless, they are loyal to their boss, their colleagues and their customers and will never boast of their success since they are discreet and reserved. They know how to adapt to any situation, even though they don't like change. And when their interests, or those of their group, are at stake they know how to stand up and defend them. 

If there's one thing that Cancer doesn't like, it's dishonesty. No matter what happens, they are always honest and are never the kind of people who inflict low blows on their colleagues. They know how to stay cool whatever the situation so they can find the best solution to a problem. Thanks to their sensitivity and sense of diplomacy, most of the time they prefer to keep relationships happy. Moreover, since they are capable of great empathy they can understand when colleagues are having problems and try to improve the atmosphere within the team. 


What is Cancer like in family life?

Love, protect, make secure

For Cancer, the family is sacred and they are committed to defending anyone they consider as being in their clan. This is essential if they are to feel fulfilled and Cancer never envisages any important act without asking for the opinion of their friends and family. Cancer would never take a decision that could harm them. 

Cancer has a very strong relationship with their mother, a fusional and almost indestructible bond. A Cancer woman will therefore tend to identify strongly with her mother while a Cancer man will very often ask her opinion. This will obviously have an impact on their life in a couple and their partner needs to have real respect for their mother-in-law. Cancer is not willing to negotiate on this point, even if they have had difficult relationships with their parents in the past. They will always try to be close to their family and if that relationship is too complicated will strive to create their own family as soon as possible. 

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