The Taurus personality

5 qualities
Genuine, faithful, reasonable, pragmatic, hardworking
5 defects
Stubborn, resentful, materialistic, rigid, possessive

Taurus is renowned for being calm and very realistic. They have their feet on the ground and there's no way they'll act on a whim. They are often thought to be slow, but really it is just that they take the time to think about all the ins and outs before embarking on any project. 

Although sociable, Taurus is introverted. They like peace and quiet and being alone and have few friends. They prefer to recharge their batteries in the family circle and don't like revealing too much about their lives and inner thoughts to others. They like their privacy to be respected and they respect the privacy of others. The sign of Taurus is marked by the fear of want, of losing or of being dispossessed of something or someone. To the outside they appear as the quiet force on which their family and friends can always depend and they worry that they can't always be a support for everyone. 

Taurus likes

comfort, tranquility, being in control

Taurus dislikes

lack, change, haste


What is Taurus like in love?

Faithful, sensual, sincere

In love, Taurus is a very caring, affectionate and sensual being. That said, before you can reel them in, you'll need to be very patient, because Taurus are incredibly slow in making decisions. They never take a romantic relationship lightly; love is a serious thing. Before committing themselves, they need to know where a relationship might lead, so will consider it closely first. 

Taurus likes gestures of affection and is very tactile. They try to seduce their love interest by being charming, epicurean and safe, but also concrete, effective and realistic. They are dominated by an immense need for emotional security that requires a lasting relationship. If they feel threatened, their jealous and possessive side is likely to emerge. For Taurus, a successful romantic relationship goes hand in hand with a certain material ease. If you offer them a bohemian life where they have no idea what the next day will bring, they will be off in a flash. 


What is Taurus like as a friend?

Constant, attentive, gives good advice

In friendship as in love, Taurus is selective. They do not have a large circle of friends and if they accept you as part of it, it is because you have established your credentials and match their selection criteria. Now, you will be together through thick and thin. They will do anything to help you and expect you to do the same for them. 

When it comes to friendship, Taurus can be trusted. If you tell them a secret, they won't be passing it on as soon as you turn your back. For them, friendship is a true driver, together you can overcome obstacles and together you can become stronger. Whatever happens, they won't let you down under any circumstances. In absolute terms, they must be able to trust you with their lives without giving it a second thought, this is how important their friends are to them. Be careful though, if you disappoint them, they are really good at bearing grudges and the relationship may never recover. 


What is Taurus like at work?

Invested, serious, applied

At work, Taurus do not like to make waves, they do what they are asked to do. Above all, they seek tranquility and harmony in everything they do. They are model employees who always finish what they start. As long as they have clear objectives and a general view of the situation, they can do wonders because they are tenacious and like to do things well. What motivates the Taurus above all is a decent salary at the end of the month that protects them and their family from want. 

Generally, they have no problem with authority and get along well with their colleagues. If you try to do the dirty on them, they will make it clear that they are not the kind of person to try that sort of behavior on. 

Taurus does not particularly like teamwork, even if they will do it willingly enough when they have no other choice. They prefer the tranquility of a private office with no-one to distract them. They are not a fan of competition or of big challenges. They are not motivated by the idea of becoming the boss; they may be workaholics but they don't do it for glory or honors. 


What is Taurus like in family life?

Protective, helpful, patient

Taurus is very attached to family traditions. For them, without strong roots it is impossible to become a strong and responsible adult. They are a necessary support to help face the world. In addition, they are keen to keep their roots strong by maintaining as many ties as possible with their family. They have deep respect for their elders, especially their parents, even if they don't always follow their advice. They may have tenacious grudges against some family members but know how to put their animosity aside to maintain family unity. Their anger is rare but violent, so try not to disappoint them as they will find it hard to forgive you. 

Even when young, Taurus is already protective towards their brothers and sisters. As a parent, Taurus always make sure that their children do not lack anything and that they grow up in a stable and harmonious atmosphere. 

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