The Scorpio personality

5 qualities
Determined, persevering, enduring, passionate, intuitive
5 defects
Dominating, possessive, suspicious, jealous, ruthless

Scorpios have a complex personality; they tend to be strong and uncompromising. In fact, they do not admit compromise or weakness. They are not the kind of people to disguise their personalities in order to be accepted by others. They consider that they need to be themselves and it is out of the question to play a role. Their creed is to be who they are, whether other people like it or not.

Scorpio do not seek to be loved, they simply want us to see them objectively, with all their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, in all their relationships, of friendship, love or family, they always want to find the true inner character of people. They will scratch at the polish on the surface until they find what is hidden beyond words and appearances. Scorpios are very private and they do not appreciate talking about themselves.

Scorpio likes

defying the forbidden, acting as they see fit, fending for themselves

Scorpio dislikes

half-measures, shy people, letting people walk all over them


What is Scorpio like in love?

Fusional, passionate, loyal

Scorpio does not confuse physical attraction with love, even though their hormones may be pushing them to act. This sign does not fall in love easily. Although they can be attracted it takes them time to fall. They need to create a sort of alchemy and this cannot be done overnight. When the right person comes along, they know it instinctively. They will be constantly thinking about them and burning brighter than a fire sign. They only expect one thing, that their love object becomes entirely theirs.

As in every area of their lives, Scorpios live love to the full. They feel very intensely and they are ready to sacrifice everything, even their lives, for their loved one. And this is the reason why they find it hard to understand that their chosen partner may be less passionate than they are. Anything they do needs to be done to the extreme. Scorpio either love passionately or they don't love at all; there are no half-measures or good-enoughs. 

Always coherent to their character, they hate confessing their feelings because they fear losing control of their emotions, so may seem cold at times.


What is Scorpio like as a friend?

Loyal, generous, understanding

When they are children, Scorpios find it difficult to reach out to other children and in adulthood it is even more complicated. Since this sign is very receptive to the discomfort and hypersensitivity of others, people can feel very uncomfortable around them and sideline them. Young Scorpios have to learn to blind themselves to this if they are to make some buddies. On the other hand, the adult Scorpio is very wary of the term "friend" because they have a very idealized vision of what a friend is.

If you want to be part of their close circle it will take a lot of time and you'll need to prove your credentials. Scorpio is always afraid of being betrayed, so in the end has very few friends. In fact, the ones who remain are those who have never done the dirty on the Scorpio and who are as loyal to Scorpio as Scorpio is to them. 


What is Scorpio like at work?

Competitive, tenacious, demanding

Scorpio is clearly not at work to chat and make friends. Their goal is always to do more and better, and to create a place for themselves in the company. They find it very difficult to work in a group and much prefer to be independent. They are stubborn and not afraid of large quantities of work. If everything goes well, they can be the cornerstone of a department. On the other hand, their worst nightmare is to feel their job constricts them.

Scorpio is no more talkative at work than with their friends and family. They say so little about themselves that rumors often circulate to fill in! Their perfectionism and tendency to keep things secret can make collaboration complicated, if not impossible! On the other hand, they have many qualities that will help them have a successful career. Their insight, intelligence and intuition make them excel in professions that require a good capacity for deduction. 


What is Scorpio like in family life?

Protective, dedicated, loyal

In the family, Scorpios need a space of their own where they can recharge their batteries alone. And anyone who saunters into their den without permission should beware, as they see this as an unacceptable intrusion. Even though they like their moments of solitude, Scorpios need to feel the presence of a tight-knit clan around them. 

Although there may be tensions or disputes between family members, the clan is still the most important thing for them. They are very protective of those they love. If you hurt them, you hurt Scorpio too.

From childhood onwards, Scorpio lives with the permanent worry of losing parents or family members. So once Scorpio becomes adult, they try to keep an eye on those they love, even when far away, because they feel the need to reassure themselves. This sign is very paradoxical in the sense that they are very independent but their family will always be a binding tie that they'll come back to no matter what happens. 

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