Horoscope for Saturday, May 18

In view of your astral conjunction, there is a good chance that a deep awareness is taking place within you today. Under the influence of Uranus, you'll be more aware of the small flaws of your daily life than ever, your frustrations, whether they relate to your professional, relational or emotional life, will be more obvious than usual and your barriers will seem more difficult to cross than yesterday.

Far from letting yourself be discouraged by this situation, you will instead seek to take charge of your destiny in order to get closer to your dreams. The presence of Venus in your sky tells me you are a person full of passion.

So you'll be completely ready to make the necessary decision since at the moment you feel your life is far from ideal. The sudden changes you make could make waves. Take the time to plan for the consequences.

Your lucky star today seems to be interested in someone other than you, unless it's just gone on vacation to recharge its batteries!

Despite your legitimate desire for change, it would therefore be wise not to make important decisions today. Your astral conjunction indicates that this game just won't be worth the candle.


Scorpio in love

From an emotional view point, you've come to a point of no return and you don't quite see how you can go into reverse. If you're honest with yourself, it's not hard to see that your relationship isn't bringing you as much joy as it did a few months ago.

So today you'll try to change some of your relationship's habits, in the hope that it will rekindle the flame. Under the influence of Mercury, single Scorpios will try to allay their fears by reactivating their social life. Being more sociable could well open the doors to a new relationship, potentially only fleeting.

In a relationship: change is on the program

Today Uranus will make you realize that your relationship has to change if it's going to last. Since you are not the type to put all the blame on your partner, you will take your time to analyze your own behavior and try to address some of your shortcomings.

Your partner may not react very well to this questioning. Don't forget to explain your intentions to them as clearly as possible.

Single: your social circle is growing

On this May 18, you won't want to stay stuck at home. Anxious to savor the pleasures of life to the fullest, you'll want to get out of your comfort zone and bring a little novelty to your daily life.

Your desire to try new things may lead to an interesting encounter, even if it is unlikely to be the beginning of a new love affair.


Scorpio at work

Today you'll find it difficult to accept the repetitive nature of your work. Like many Scorpios, you love novelty and rarely doubt your abilities. Motivated by the idea of advancing your career, you may well ask to take on new responsibilities.

Your qualities as a communicator, which can be explained in part by the presence of Mercury in your sky, will allow you to clearly convey the message. Your power of persuasion is unmistakable.

Opportunities: but don't rush

Beware, on this May 18, Uranus may encourage you to act too quickly on your decisions. If you manage to distance yourself enough you'll instinctively understand that these upheavals are likely to be profoundly damaging to the rest of your career.

So don't be too quick to let yourself be tempted by a new professional adventure. You might bitterly regret your choice.

Scorpio and money

The astral context of the day testifies to your desire for change and your impulsiveness, so your finances may be in danger today. Don't take unnecessary risks with your money.

Remember how much effort it took you to get to where you are today. Wouldn't it be a shame to damage your financial situation on a whim?

Prospects: danger awaits you

Although your intentions are good, the decisions you might make on Saturday will border on irrationality.

Since Rome wasn't built in a day, don't expect to dramatically improve your finances in the blink of an eye. Nothing will ensure your financial security more than your ability to think about the future.


An overview of your day of May 18

Ruled by Mercury, Venus and Uranus, your astral sky reveals that today you'll find it difficult to take a step back from the difficulties you are currently encountering and to channel your impulses properly.

From an emotional standpoint, your obsession with change could force you to question the value of your relationship and get you in a lot of trouble, especially if you can't form the questions properly. Don't be surprised if your partner doesn't particularly appreciate your approach and makes you face your own lacks.

Professionally speaking, your desire for change will also be obvious. Aware of your value, you'll seek to take on new responsibilities, even if it means setting fire to everything you've built so far for a mere whim. A little restraint is in order.

My tip on how to make the most of today

Although standing still isn't good, impulsiveness is also rarely constructive. So be careful not to make any hasty decisions on this May 18 and take a deep breath and count to ten before saying anything you might quickly regret. Due to the powerful emotions that will go through you today, this task could prove to be more difficult than you expected.

Be aware, however, that this step back is very necessary. The scorched earth technique is never effective in the long term. When in doubt, remember that your loved ones can help you. Listen to their advice.

The Moon of May 18

Waxing gibbous

As the moon becomes fuller it advises you to serenely continue along the path you have opted for. In the coming days, you'll choose to see your glass as half full and you'll have no doubt about your ability to overcome any small challenges you still have to face. You have lots of resources.

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