Horoscope for Saturday, May 18

This day dominated by Saturn, Neptune and Pluto takes on a special character, especially in the sentimental field. Here, it's not a question of living in a world of dreams, it's more about old dreams that come true at last.

Tonight, you can celebrate the culmination of struggling and hoping for a long time. For those who are in a relationship, you will finally be able to expand your family because your dearest wish is about to come true. Whether they are your own blood or not, this child will bring you great happiness.

For singles, it's time to put on your best bib and tucker because the love of your life is around the corner. It would be a shame to stay on the sofa watching TV all evening when you could be out crossing paths with your soul mate! On the work side, you put an end to your ordeal, sign your resignation and say goodbye boss! Breathe, you are finally free!

The luck in your astral climate is largely supported by Jupiter. This planet acts as a safeguard, protecting you from scams.

It also helps you ask yourself the right questions and keeps you alert so that you don't become excessive and start building castles in the air. Today's luck is really in the powerful protection from delusions that would be harmful to your future.


Aries in love

The Aries astral climate in love promises moments of intense joy today. For those Aries who had lost hope of becoming parents, today could make you smile again. Your situation is about to undergo an unexpected twist and you'll undoubtedly have something good to celebrate this evening.

For singles, it's time to put away your joggers and slippers, today marks the end of slobbing about at home! Get out of the house because on this May 18 you have a very high probability of meeting your perfect match. There's no limit to your dreams today and luck is on your side, so don't let this slip through your fingers.

In a relationship: you see the light at the end of the tunnel

This Saturday, a big change is coming for Aries who are in a relationship. For those who have long struggled to become parents, the stars seem to be announcing good news. Neptune and Pluto signify your dream could well be about to come true.

It seems you are at the start of a great adventure, either a long-desired pregnancy or the go ahead to adopt a child. Whatever happens, you can finally stop driving yourself mad with longing and release the pressure on yourself, you deserve it.

Single: this time the happy ending is for you!

In the presence of Neptune and Saturn, one of your dreams is coming true. You have prayed and hoped so much that your wishes have finally been heard by the Universe. So, if you're expecting love with a capital L, it could come your way today.

This Saturday, everything is divinely orchestrated so that you can meet your ideal partner. This person will bring you the happiness and balance that you have been hoping for all this time. Your destiny is on the move so don't stay stuck at home!


Aries at work

The Aries astral climate at work marks the end of a contract. You have thought long and hard about your decision and under the joint effect of Saturn and Pluto you present your resignation to your employer; or perhaps it could be them that want you to go! Even so, this news comes after you've already been thinking about it for a long time.

It was time to face the facts, you were tired of crawling in to work every morning. You have finally listened to your intuition, which has been consistently screaming at you that there is something better out there. And there are clues that suggest you already have an idea in mind that could lead you onto a path that will suit you much better.

Opportunities: but don't get carried away too quickly

This May 18, you have a real need for new horizons. It almost becomes a necessity for you to change where you work. Pluto supports you in this process and allows you to make new and fruitful contacts for your future.

However, with Neptune still in your sky, be careful to check all the information you can before you commit to a new employer. They may promise you the world and you risk being severely disappointed if they can't keep their promises.

Aries and money

On the finance side the Aries astral climate reminds you that you can't always live with your head in the clouds, even if that's what the planet Neptune wants you to think.

It is better to follow Saturn's advice and get your feet back on the ground straight away and acknowledge that you can't spend indiscriminately whenever you feel like it. There is an urgent need to create a balance between your income and your expenditure!

Gains and losses: your salvation depends on being reasonable!

If you manage to anchor yourself firmly to the earth and see the pragmatic solutions offered by Saturn and Pluto, you should probably be able to replenish your coffers in the coming weeks.

But you need to get those good habits in place today. Rule number 1: never spend what you don't have in your bank account!


An overview of your day of May 18

This Saturday, you really take your future seriously, especially in terms of finances and your career. You recognize that you need a fresh start in your career and that you need to stop overspending in order to balance your budget.

Be on the lookout for professional opportunities that may arise, but don't blindly trust in honeyed words. Check all the small print before you sign an employment contract. When it comes to love today, some single Aries could find their celibacy coming to an end. You have waited a long time to meet that special someone and you will be rewarded for having kept faith in the existence of true love.

Many Aries in a relationship are about to feel the indescribable joy of finally being able to hold a child in your arms. Luck should be on your side this Saturday, so relax and enjoy!

My advice for making the most of today

Today you have the opportunity to savor the beginning of a new period in your life. You put an end to what is no longer necessary, and you do it without hatred, sadness, or regret. You end it because you understand you need to move on.

You know that you will probably experience new challenges but on this May 18 you decide to take the time to appreciate all the big and small things that make your existence happy. And finally, tell yourself that you are lucky to be alive, on your own two feet and in relatively good health. Give thanks for everything good in your life because gratitude has magical powers.

The Moon of May 18

Waxing gibbous

You are obviously sure you've made the right choices and are completely committed to your projects. Despite this certainty, the waxing gibbous moon advises you to stay open to new things. In the days ahead, keep your eyes open and don't be afraid to indulge your curiosity. 

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