Horoscope for Saturday, May 18

The stars are clear: despite your desire to move forward, today you will face a number of blockages, which will be difficult for you to overcome. With Saturn in your sky, you are well and truly faced with real difficulties on this May 18.

These could manifest themselves in a concrete way in your love life as, for example, an argument with your partner or an acute awareness of your differences. It goes without saying that you will have to be diplomatic and willing to be accommodating to them if you don't want the situation to escalate. If you are looking for true love, it will probably be a matter of waiting a bit longer.

Unfortunately, the astral configuration is not on your side at the moment. Don't look so upset: that doesn't mean you won't have better luck later! It is all a matter of opportunity and patience.

Your lucky star may not be as bright as usual, but you still have several reasons to be optimistic, first and foremost your natural Gemini optimism.

If you need rain to make your crops grow, nothing stops you from doing a rain dance!


Gemini in love

If you were expecting to enjoy a peaceful romantic relationship with your partner you are likely to be disappointed. As the presence of Saturn in your sky indicates, today you'll have to face up to your own weaknesses and blockages, which will prevent you from looking at your current situation in a balanced way.

Feeling that you are a prisoner of your problems, you will certainly take ill-considered risks to try to extricate yourself from this unpleasant situation. If you aren't tactful enough, the consequences for your relationship could be dire. Single Geminis should remember to count to ten before uttering a word that they might later regret.

In a relationship: a setback in view?

As you have seen in the past, as you will see in the future and as you can see now, every couple's relationship has its ups and downs. In this month of #mois, your astral conjunction indicates that you are feeling a few doubts and that your vision of the future doesn't always coincide with that of your partner.

These differences of opinion are not inherently worrying. On the other hand, you need to work on your way of approaching them in order to smooth things over and reach a compromise more easily.

Single: your doubts make you aggressive

Despite your desire to do well, today you're being held in check by the emotional wounds from your past. So it's hardly surprising to note in this context that you'll get offended more easily than usual and that you'll find it really difficult to be open and honest and not hide behind pretenses.

Rest assured, Venus will remind you how essential your need for sharing is to your balance. Its presence will encourage you to face your fears.


Gemini at work

Saturn in your sky will make its presence felt when it comes to professional issues today. Ask yourself a question: Is your feeling of insecurity the result of tangible facts or can it be explained by your negative state of mind?

If you have a stable job, it will actually be easier to get things moving than you think. Are you looking for a job? Don't place too much importance on your difficulties. Instead, focus on your good qualities, of which there are many.

Opportunities: yes, but it's difficult to spot them

The Sun urges you to be less cynical about the world and to believe more in your lucky star. Since luck favors the bold, put your doubts aside for a while and be a little more daring.

If you want to take advantage of new opportunities, things shouldn't take long to settle.

Gemini and money

Although you know how to be reasonable with your finances, you are always happy to enjoy little extras. Venus tells us that the purchases that will tempt you the most today will relate to your interests.

On this May 18, your mind will be fully focused on life's pleasures. One way of avoiding the problems you are currently experiencing?

Your prospects are currently at half mast

There's no point putting this gently: today is not the day when you'll start building your fortune; your uncertainties will prevent you from making important financial decisions.

As you are no longer sure which path you would like to take, this is not necessarily a bad thing.


An overview of your day of May 18

Unfortunately, due to an astral conjunction dominated by Saturn, this day of May 18 may well bring you its share of complications.

From a romantic perspective, demons from your past relationships may well resurface, or you may simply find that your emotional goals are very different to those of your partner. Either way, you are driven by a deep desire for construction. As such, it would be a shame to let these misunderstandings ruin your common project.

Your professional life will not seem as rewarding to you as it used to be, but today you will not be able to find the solutions that will help you to move forward. Here again, it will be a question of showing a little patience.

My tip on how to make the most of today

A step back and a touch of patience: these are the 2 tools that will give you the opportunity to get through your day serenely. You obviously face a number of difficulties and there is a great temptation for you to dive in headfirst in order to try to sort them. You would do better to hold back and let time do its work.

 It is only by doing this that new avenues for reflection can emerge. Also remember that happiness is closer to you than you might think. There is no point in getting all worked up about problems that shortly will no longer exist.

The Moon of May 18

Waxing gibbous

In the next few days, there is no question of looking back at the past or questioning your decisions. The future is shaped by your vision of the future. Like an artist finishing their canvas, you only need a few more brush strokes before your work is complete! 

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