Horoscope for Saturday, May 18

In view of your astral conjunction, change may well be on the cards on this May 18. The explanation is very easy to understand. While Mars will allow you to deploy extraordinary energy in all the areas that are important to you, Uranus will push you to make the necessary decisions.

And the presence of Neptune in your astral sky indicates you have a clear idea of what you would like to accomplish professionally and emotionally. So, today you're definitely not going to let anyone put a spoke in your wheel. While this willingness to move forward is commendable, I cannot urge you enough to exercise a little caution.

You won't get what you want if you rush. If you don't want to regret decisions taken too hastily, keep your foot on the brake and don't forget to ask your family and friends for advice!

Don't expect to win the lotto or take advantage of an unexpected source of money today. On the other hand, you may consider yourself lucky to be surrounded by people who really care about you and to be free to decide your own future.

You know, luck is first and foremost a matter of perspective. Don't forget that.


Pisces in love

Whether you are in a relationship or single, there is clearly little chance that you will feel happy in your everyday routine on this May 18. The passage of Uranus in your astral sky indicates that at the moment you are all about action and movement. On this Saturday, you'll need a change to feel fully fulfilled.

Are you single? A pleasant surprise is possible. Are you in a relationship? Your willingness to think outside the box could be really helpful to the growth of your relationship. Be careful, though, to explain the new rules of the game to your partner!

In a relationship: long live novelty!

You've probably already noticed it, but routine can be an ally or it can be a couple's worst enemy. On this May 18, you seem to have made your choice.

Aware that love must be nurtured to last, you want to share your desire for something new with your partner. Obviously, surprise is on the program for your evening! If you like the experience, remember to repeat it as often as necessary in the future.

Single: a pleasant surprise?

You can think of Uranus' presence in your astral skies as great news, especially if you have had enough of the monotony of your single life. Under the influence of this planet no one will have to force you to go out and try your luck.

You obviously want to meet new people and broaden your horizons. The good news is that luck might be on your side today. A little surprise never hurt anyone!


Pisces at work

Faced with the passage of Uranus in the Pisces astral sky I want to warn you about the dangers of impulsiveness. While it is perfectly healthy to seek to improve your professional situation, your desire for change cannot justify behaving any old how.

So take the time to think about what would make you really happy, rather than trying at all costs to advance your plans. The same logic also applies if you are currently looking for a job.

Opportunities: but also risks

Neptune suggests your attachment to your ideals could play tricks on you from a professional point of view.

In the weeks or months to come, take the time to ask yourself the right questions before accepting an important opportunity for development. In order not make a mistake, make sure that it matches your career plan perfectly.

Pisces and money

On this May 18, you will try to ensure the financial security of your household by showing yourself in your best light. However, don't expect immediate results.

You will need to learn to recognize the right opportunities for your situation to finally change. Will you be able to accept this waiting period?

Your prospects: take your time

Slow and steady wins the race This should be your philosophy for #mois and #mois2. Against all expectations, your eagerness will harm your project.

It is by channeling your impulses that you will give yourself the best chance of success. Just a word to the wise!


An overview of your day of May 18

A day full of surprises is shaping up for this May 18. The passage of Uranus in your astral sky indicates that you feel more ready than ever to move forward, even if it means making decisions that your loved ones will have a hard time understanding. This impulsiveness will be a double-edged sword, since it could help you advance your projects but could also damage your reputation.

If in doubt, you may need to exercise a bit of caution. This desire for reform will, of course, also apply within your couple, some of whose rules you would like to change. Dissatisfied with the routine of your relationship, you will seek to rekindle the flame of your love and introduce a little novelty. Your partner will take pleasure in following you on this new path if you take the time to explain your ideas to them.

From a professional point of view, your impatience will not necessarily be very well understood by some of your colleagues. Be careful not to create too many waves.

My tip on how to make the most of today

It would be dishonest to consider only the negative aspects of impulsiveness, which will be the foundation of your behavior on this May 18. Your pressing desire to get things moving clearly reflects a pronounced taste for life and its pleasures. No one should question the merits of such enthusiasm.

Keep in mind, however, that this impulsiveness can also distort your judgment. If you don't want to make regrettable decisions, then it is imperative for you to channel it as much as possible. It is by finding this balance that you will enjoy the best results.

The Moon of May 18

Waxing gibbous

The waxing gibbous moon means you should find your projects easier to deal with in the next few days. Stay on course but remember to keep an eye out for new things. Your direction isn't totally established yet. There maybe a little tweaking ahead. 

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