Horoscope for Saturday, May 18

The conjunction of the Moon, Mercury and Mars in the Leo sky is very beautiful. On this May 18, the pleasures of your home life will be matched only by your thirst for new professional challenges. Aware of your needs and perfectly at ease with your emotions, you will manage to impose your point gently, without upsetting the people you are talking to or forcing them against their will.

All the elements seem to have come together to make this day one that is deeply beneficial to your development. Today, you'll manage to find that delicate balance between hedonism and rigorousness, enjoyment of the present moment and thought for the future, tenderness and self-assertiveness.

Your sense of diplomacy will therefore be one of your greatest assets. A positive energy is taking hold of you right now. Make the most of it and trust your instincts!

Today you are entering a resolutely positive dynamic. This will give you enough courage to say the things that need to be said and enough courage to take a chance if the opportunity arises.

And since luck is on the side, your prospects are excellent!


Leo in love

If you needed one word to describe your state of mind today, “passion” would immediately spring to mind. The influence of Mars is conspicuous here. On Saturday, your desire will probably reach heights that you haven't felt for some time.

Deeply attached to your partner, you probably won't be happy to show your love through your simple presence, you'll want to offer your whole body to them. Singles will seek to step out of their comfort zone and have new experiences. However, will they meet someone skilled enough to channel this tremendous energy?

In a relationship: kisses and pleasures of the flesh!

Under the influence of Mars, your vitality will be remarkably intense today. When you get home, you won't want to settle for your relationship's usual routine. What will you desire the most?

To spend some special time with your partner, in bed or whispering naughty ideas in their ears. On this May 18, you are definitely in a playful and teasing mood. All you have to do is hope that your partner is receptive to it!

Single: renewed enthusiasm

Although you're happy being single, naturally you sometimes feel the need to broaden your horizons. On Saturday, rather than staying quietly at home, you'll feel the need to go out and meet new people, to change the way you think about things and look at new ideas.

Although a little unsettling at first, this new approach to life will actually allow you to regain your self-confidence and understand that there are more dating opportunities than you might think.


Leo at work

The presence of Mercury in the Leo sky is great news from a professional point of view, especially if you are currently looking for a job. This planet will allow you to use your intellectual capabilities to the full and demonstrate a great sense of communication.

As you are no doubt aware, sometimes you have to be very outgoing in order to arouse the interest of a potential employer. If you already have a job, your sense of diplomacy will give you the opportunity to ease latent relationship tensions.

Opportunities: set your priorities

Life is more than a 100-meter sprint, so it will always be inadvisable to accept a professional opportunity just because. During the month of #mois, you'll have several opportunities.

Take the time to think carefully before making your decision. Stability has many advantages as well, especially if you have a household to support.

Leo and money

Without splurging your money, today you will agree to spoil yourself a little more than usual. The Moon urges you to take more account of your passions and to concentrate on your centers of interest.

Your expenses will naturally be in this direction. Just make sure they are consistent with your financial situation.

Your financial prospects are interesting

The influence of Mars will be manifested by an increased desire to ensure your financial sustainability. Rather than being satisfied with what you already have, you will seek to find new sources of income to secure your situation.

Your ability to take a step back from these pecuniary issues will allow you not to rush unnecessarily.


An overview of your day of May 18

You could not have hoped for a more favorable astral situation. Ruled by the Moon, Mercury and Mars, it should allow you to take full advantage of this May 18, without letting you lose sight of the objectives that you would ultimately like to achieve.

From a professional standpoint, your ability to express yourself clearly will undoubtedly be your greatest asset. It could especially help you be convincing if you are currently looking for a job or looking for a new professional challenge.

At home, you will show remarkable ardor, which will encourage you to strengthen the bonds between you and your partner - over a good glass of wine, perhaps; under the sheets, most certainly! If you are single, now is a good time to meet someone. Take your courage in both hands and try your luck.

My tip on how to make the most of today

In view of your resolutely positive state of mind, today you don't really seem to need advice in order to enjoy all the treasures in your daily life. If you want this mood to last, you could, however, think about the context that encouraged it.

It can sometimes be difficult to determine what makes us truly happy in life. For your part, do you have a precise idea of the ingredients that make up your happiness? If you do then keep repeating the recipe. You'll change it when your taste buds need something new!

The Moon of May 18

Waxing gibbous

A brush stroke here, a little putty there, a coat of varnish to finish. During the waxing gibbous moon, it'll be important to you to add meticulous finishing touches to your current project. A little creativity and a bit of common sense. The program is perfect!

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