The Gemini personality

5 qualities
Mobile, lively, curious, cerebral, adaptable
5 defects
Unfocused, opportunistic, superficial, inconsistent, manipulative

The Gemini embodies the lightness of spring, they love to communicate but often only about superficial things. No matter how old they are, they remain young at heart and love flitting from flower to flower. Unable to settle, they often move from one idea to another, one project to another, or one opinion to another. With Gemini everything is about movement, they are happiest with change. 

Gemini often gives the impression that they can't stick to anything and will always be superficial. In their defense, they are just not very good at dealing with difficult or emotional subjects. They therefore prefer their communication to be detached, without too many details. Gemini are curious about everything and will do anything to satisfy their tireless search for knowledge. They are good speakers, even if their words sometimes struggle to keep up with the constant flow of their thoughts. More than anything, they fear apathy and boredom, so they find it easy to adapt to any situation. 

Gemini likes

chatting, change, broadening their knowledge

Gemini dislikes

routine, expressing their emotions, getting to the bottom of things


What is Gemini like in love?

Tolerant, communicative, very amusing

In love, Gemini is a seductive being who loves flirting but as soon as things get serious, tends to disappear. To charm someone they like, they will use their great sense of humor, loving good puns and great repartee. Gemini falls in love easily but from one day to the next just as easily falls out again. There's not point lying, this sign is very inconstant!

Nothing can hold a Gemini against their will. They dislike any sniff of restraint and believe that to love someone is also to respect their right to retain their individuality. The best way to keep a Gemini in your life is to remind them that the door is always wide open. If they really fall in love it needs to be with someone who can stabilize them and make them less likely to skedaddle. But even this situation won't last forever because Gemini is constantly changing. Their mood and behavior shift constantly and they quickly get bored. So even though they may be sincere in their feeling, a love affair with them may not last for life. 


What is Gemini like as a friend?

Constant, attentive, gives good advice

In friendship as in love, Taurus is selective. They do not have a large circle of friends and if they accept you as part of it, it is because you have established your credentials and match their selection criteria. Now, you will be together through thick and thin. They will do anything to help you and expect you to do the same for them. 

When it comes to friendship, Taurus can be trusted. If you tell them a secret, they won't be passing it on as soon as you turn your back. For them, friendship is a true driver, together you can overcome obstacles and together you can become stronger. Whatever happens, they won't let you down under any circumstances. In absolute terms, they must be able to trust you with their lives without giving it a second thought, this is how important their friends are to them. Be careful though, if you disappoint them, they are really good at bearing grudges and the relationship may never recover. 


What is Gemini like at work?

Creative, adaptable, lively

Gemini is constantly on the move and this is also reflected in their resumé, which can scare away some potential bosses. They are good at everything related to verbal and written communication but need people around them in order to be stimulated. They also enjoy chatting with colleagues between two tasks. If they are offered the choice between working alone or in a group, they will always choose to be with people so they don't get bored. 

Gemini is very sociable and likes being with others so they fit in well to existing teams but novelty quickly wears off for them. They feel more comfortable with jobs where they need to move around a lot or make a lot of phone calls. They like finding out new things and quickly manage to master new subjects. They are good at teaching themselves new things. Gemini is not known for being ambitious. Their main goal at work is not to climb the ladder, just not to get bored. 


What is Gemini like in family life?

Protective, helpful, patient

Taurus is very attached to family traditions. For them, without strong roots it is impossible to become a strong and responsible adult. They are a necessary support to help face the world. In addition, they are keen to keep their roots strong by maintaining as many ties as possible with their family. They have deep respect for their elders, especially their parents, even if they don't always follow their advice. They may have tenacious grudges against some family members but know how to put their animosity aside to maintain family unity. Their anger is rare but violent, so try not to disappoint them as they will find it hard to forgive you.

Even when young, Taurus is already protective towards their brothers and sisters. As a parent, Taurus always make sure that their children do not lack anything and that they grow up in a stable and harmonious atmosphere. 

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