The Leo personality

5 qualities
Loyal, frank, generous, passionate, willing
5 defects
Authoritarian, manipulative, impulsive, exuberant, boastful

Proud and generous, Leo never goes unnoticed. They can often be found surrounded by a whole host of friends who appreciate their qualities and their loyalty. A touch vain, they need to see themselves reflected in the eyes of others, not just to shine but to really feel alive. To feel alive, therefore, they need an audience. 

Leo is an epicurean. They tend to make the most of every moment of life and really enjoy partying. They appreciate art in all its forms and often surround themselves with luxury objects. This sign is full of love and knows how to be very generous to themselves and to those they love. They always want to get the best for their loved ones, even if they don't always have the means. Nevertheless, Leos are known for their pride, they can't bear losing face and will never bow down to anyone. 

Leo likes

being admired, enjoying the pleasures of life, being generous

Leo dislikes

slander, pettiness, going unnoticed


What is Leo like in love?

Tender, warm, ardent 

Leo may be a passionate, caring, enveloping and protective lover, but the fact remains that their way of loving also includes a good dose of narcissism. In fact, Leos tend to consider the people they love as extensions of themselves. Obviously, they take as much care of their partner as they do of themselves, but tend to be a bit overwhelming and have a definite tendency to want to tell their partners what to do and how to be. 

Leo is known for relationships based primarily on loyalty. In a couple, they hate playing second fiddle and always need to feel valued and supported. They constantly seek to attract the attention of their partner. What is important to them is to be sincerely admired. They have no problem spotting hypocrites. They usually look for a partner with a good physique and some intelligence. If the partner also boosts Leo's reputation, Leo will be even happier. 


What is Leo like as a friend?

Generous, loyal, protective

In general, for Leo, friendship means generosity and loyalty. They like to feel surrounded by friends. And Leo is never as happy as when they are in the spotlight. When they are with people Leos can have a little too much self-confidence and this can make them seem authoritarian. 

Leo knows full well that others need love and attention. However, they can't help always wanting to be number 1 in the hearts of their close friends. Fortunately for Leos, they have a lot of qualities that help us forget this inclination. They know how to listen attentively and thanks to their enormous sense of humor you are sure to have a good time when you're with a Leo friend. In addition, when their friends are feeling down, they know how to help them back up and remotivate them, like a good coach! 


What is Leo like at work?

Ambitious, courageous, determined

At work, just like in their private lives, Leos like to be admired, listened to and seen to shine. They aren't despots; on the contrary they can listen to and pay heed to those around them. Professionally, they manage their career with an iron hand in a velvet glove. They know how to take on board relevant remarks, fulfil their responsibilities and question themselves when necessary. Leo is a born leader who is a good communicator and knows how to rally others to their flag. They seek to convince rather than impose themselves by force, so they get the recognition they are looking for and are able to showcase their strengths. 

Thanks to their strong analytical skills allied with their ambition, Leos are go-getters who think before they act. They are discerning and objective and leave nothing to chance. Leo is always very meticulous at work and this is particularly true when their image or reputation are at stake. 


What is Leo like in family life?

Organized, expressive, responsible

Leo is an extremely loyal being and their family is beyond sacred. Leos feel immense pride when they talk about their loved ones and even pass over their defects in silence in order to present them in their best light. Any self-respecting Leo will never stoop to denigrating others because it's just not in their nature. 

Given their strong character, they can sometimes come into conflict with other members of the family but for Leos nothing is irremediable as long as they love each other. Just like in their love life, Leos do not like people telling them what to do in the family and they won't hold back when it comes to talking about their feelings. In fact, they hate things being left unsaid and will never hide their needs or their emotions. Generally, Leos get along very well with children because they keep their own sense of childish wonder about the world. 

They can have as much fun as a kid and be disconcertingly ecstatic about something new and beautiful. 

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