The Pisces personality

5 qualities
Intuitive, dreamy, dedicated, creative, clairvoyant
5 defects
A runner, undecided, paradoxical, inconsistent, indifferent

Pisces experiences the world in a way that is not for everyone, they are pure emotion. They are hypersensitive, which can be both a burden and a gift. Often, it's a good thing for them to be so receptive of what is happening around them. It is generally said that Pisces is a natural medium, which makes it difficult for them to see themselves as an average human being. They live outside the limits and dream far more than they act.

This sign naturally has empathy for others. On the other hand, Pisces are as slippery as the fish from which they take their name, no-one can ever completely understand them. Moreover, it is very difficult for them to define themselves as they never want to put themselves in a box. They are happy to just live and constantly adapt themselves to the situation around them. They accept their emotions as best they can and trust in their lucky star.

Pisces likes

to make connections, to spend time alone, to please others

Pisces dislikes

conflicts, the restlessness of the outside world, looking reality in the face


What is Pisces like in love?

Sensitive, romantic, attentive

Pisces is romantic and fusional in love; their dearest wish is to have the ideal relationship. So they are not the type to embark on one night stands. Above all, Pisces seeks a stable romantic relationship. They need to establish mutual trust and know their partner can be relied on. They are not the type to start a new relationship immediately after a breakup. It is important to know that Pisces are idealistic beings, often emotionally dependent and they see any breakups as bitter failures. For them, it means the end of a dream and they have a lot of trouble getting over it.

Surprisingly, although they are naturally very shy, Pisces can put this trait aside if they want something badly enough. When they want to, they can be very enterprising in order to conquer their heart's desire.


What is Pisces like as a friend?

Funny, likeable, compassionate

Pisces are compassionate and caring beings with their friends. Very present, they intervene as soon as a friend is in need. Some people will take advantage of a Pisces natural kindness, which is why they can seem suspicious before they become friends. Many Pisces are still in contact with childhood friends and see them regularly.

In adulthood, Pisces don't make friends easily, but they are a little more comfortable in society because they have learned to channel their fear of rejection, even if it remains very strong. Pisces will always be very careful not to hurt their loved ones because their empathy is so powerful that they would suffer the consequences too. This sign loves to listen to others. Those who come to confide in them usually end up becoming good friends, seduced by Pisces' ability to sympathize with their sufferings.


What is Pisces like at work?

Persevering, effective, trustworthy

Pisces is above all a sensitive, empathetic and sociable being, so they flourish best in professions where they feel useful and where they can fully express their creativity. Thanks to their many qualities, this sign is an employee who is completely trustworthy and always carries out their job. That said, their goodwill requires them to be in a workplace that is not hostile and that is not driven purely by the pursuit of profit.

This sign is very sensitive to atmosphere. If the atmosphere is not good Pisces will quickly feel trapped and they hate this feeling. On the other hand, they can apply themselves to work, but never for a very long time. They get bored quite quickly and are easily distracted. Therefore, they need frequent breaks, both to recharge their energy and because they tend to absorb any bad energy given off by the people around them.


What is Pisces like in family life?

Sensitive, wise, forgiving

Pisces always has strong ties with their family and is usually close to it. Whether relationships are good or bad, they don't let go. They often tend to focus their attention on one person in particular, for whom they may have excessive or self-sacrificing love. And even if Pisces is given proof that the person in question is flawed, they will continue to idolize them, meet all their needs and endure their moods. Pisces are very susceptible to atmosphere. So, if you want to know the atmosphere at home, Pisces serves as a barometer.

Pisces rarely reveal their thoughts within the family because they start from the principle that their loved ones feel the same way they do. They are quite capable of doing the thankless tasks no-one else wants to do and then acting the overworked martyr.

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