The Aries personality

5 qualities
Optimistic, energetic, spontaneous, generous, creative
5 defects
Impatient, impulsive, selfish, undiplomatic, acts in bad faith

With an Aries, there is no question of getting bored, they are always ready for a new adventure. They are beings who cannot live without feeling the fires of passion. They have an absolute need to be constantly in movement and cannot stand waiting, which really annoys them. Aries act quickly according to their impulses and desires. If they want something, they won't mull it over for days on end, they want it now and they'll do anything to get what they want. 

Often impatient, not to say impulsive, Aries need to pave the way for others. They are born leaders and often described as the Zodiac's trailblazer because they won't hesitate to follow their instinct and go off to explore new things. Though they may serve as an example for others to follow, they are very independent and don't like people copying what they do as they find it slows them down. Aries lives life in the fast lane and never lacks energy. 

Aries is a very passionate sign that gets very keen very quickly on people and things but can lose interest just as quickly. They can love with an all-consuming intensity but very quickly become indifferent if the passion is extinguished. 

Aries likes

passion, novelty, action

Aries dislikes

criticism, help from others, waiting


What is Aries like in love?

Spontaneity, fidelity, passion

In love, Aries is known for being somewhat selfish, they think of themselves before they think of their partner. They like to be the center of attention because they imagine they are exceptional and fabulous. 
That said, when an Aries falls in love, they can move mountains for the person who makes their heart beat faster. Driven by the urge to conquer, they come up with lots of ideas to encourage their target to fall into their arms, and won't hesitate to take risks in order to succeed. 

Be careful, however, Aries also tend to tire of their conquests quite quickly because they need permanent stimulation. If they start getting bored with their partner it's almost certainly the beginning of the end! Aries is a being who loves passionately and they expect life with their partner to be a constant thrill. And in order to ensure their love life is always on the boil they are even ready to create a conflict to add some spice. 


What is Aries like as a friend?

Fun, honest, adventurous

Aries is very approachable and they find it easy to make friends because they don't judge others. Aries accepts them for who they are. They are spontaneous and attracted to people who have similar attitudes to them, unable to stay still and a little rebellious. Aries usually make friends in their leisure activities because they are much more relaxed and their state of mind is much more open than in a professional environment. 

If you are friends with an Aries, you should know they will never let you down, will help you face your problems and will always take care to protect you. Aries has lots of buddies but few friends in the true sense of the term because that relationship is harder to cultivate. Real friendship takes time, and Aries has little to devote to it. However, once things are well established, it is a relationship that works over time. 


What is Aries like at work?

Dynamic, fast, efficient 

Aries is very committed to their job, they put 100% into everything they do, especially if they need to do better than the competition. When it comes to meeting new challenges, Aries can be very stubborn and make every effort to finish their tasks. 

Aries is known for not accepting authority so will find it difficult to do what they are told by a manager unless they respect him/her. On the other hand, if you suggest that they should become the boss you'll have an ideal candidate! And if, in addition, their profession is linked to their passion they will give the best of themselves. One thing is certain, Aries cannot stand inactivity. They are not the type to cry over spilt milk and if they lose their job will always find a way to bounce back, even if it means changing direction completely. That doesn't scare them at all. 


What is Aries like in family life?

A childlike spirit, protective, spontaneous 

Even within the family, Aries remains very independent. They find it hard to live by other people's rhythms because they are always impulsive and their actions are often misunderstood by those around them. Aries easily gets excited about a whole lot of subjects and is so focused on their own passions that they forget about everyone else. 

Obviously, this behavior is sometimes difficult to reconcile with family life. 
Aries is not much of a homebody unless their passions are found at home. They always need movement, so won't be able to spend a whole weekend at home not going anywhere. They are much more likely to bundle everyone up in the car for a ride and then a walk in the open air. They will never refuse a game of soccer or a trip to the pool with the children. As long as they are doing something they are happy.

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