Do you know what the Gemini man is like?

Persevering, thoughtful, easy-going

On a daily basis, the Taurus man is fairly easy to live with. He likes life and enjoys the simple pleasures of existence. When he embarks on something in love, friendship or work, he is totally involved and always follows through. The Taurus man is patient and thoughtful, he likes to confide in his loved ones and appreciates being trusted. However, he can sometimes be a bit of an old man; he is very attached to his comfort and does not like change. 

The Taurus man can be a leader, but in the unifying sense of the term because he will never impose his ideas like a despot. In love, he has a lot of charm and he knows how to use it. That said, as soon as the relationship begins to become serious, the great seducer mode tends to disappear in favor of the quiet man who likes to take care of his partner, spoil them and even overwhelm if necessary. Because, yes, the Taurus man has an immense need to be reassured. He is a little immature and because of lack of confidence, he is afraid of being abandoned. 

Generally, Taurus men are compatible with partners who are: Virgo, Pisces, Cancer or Capricorn 


simple things, rationality, gestures of affection


to be wrong, to forgive easily, lies

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