Do you know what the Sagittarius man is like?

Optimistic, jovial, hardworking

Like his female counterpart, the Sagittarian man is above all a great optimist. For him, every event is an opportunity to learn something new, to help someone or to improve themselves. He always sets himself noble and ambitious goals and he considers that each obstacle helps him to progress. He is always hopeful and sees the world through the eyes of an idealist. It can rebound badly on him sometimes but he continues to find it easy to trust new people.

The Sagittarian man works hard. He could even be described as a born leader who constantly tries to highlight his qualities and his creativity.

In love, the Sagittarius male is wholehearted. He is very spontaneous although he can lack diplomacy and his honesty can be seen as rudeness. Nevertheless, his main quality is to be faithful and when he really loves, he gives himself entirely in his relationships.

Generally, Sagittarius men are compatible with partners who are: Leo or Scorpio 


freedom, adventure, passion


dishonesty, keeping secrets, staying still

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