Do you know what the Aquarius man is like?

Inventive, imaginative, visionary

The Aquarius man has a very slender, almost airy physique. He is a man of the great outdoors who will do anything to preserve his sacrosanct freedom. Aquarius is a creative man who always tries to be at the forefront of progress. He has a very innovative mindset, almost a hybrid between a mad scientist and a total dreamer, who lives completely outside the realities of this world. This translates into a tendency not to listen, difficulties in communicating and a know-it-all attitude that can be very annoying. 

The Aquarius man is a living paradox; he can be open, tolerant and humanistic, but also cold, distant and introverted. In love, he tends to avoid any serious attachment because he cares too much about his independence. Marriage is clearly not for him; he prefers a free union or even a friendship with benefits that leaves him free to do exactly as he pleases. Above all, he is looking for a partner who is as liberated, avant-garde and independent as he is. To keep him, any partner will have to be mysterious, know how to surprise him and how to keep him curious.


the great outdoors, technology, his freedom


the life of a traditional couple, to yield to any discipline, to show patience

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