Do you know what the Aries man is like?

Determination, charisma, ambition

The Aries man appears to be someone who's always in a hurry. With a slim silhouette and a clear tendency to being nervy, he always has a determined smile that speaks volumes about his intention to assert himself at all costs. He works at a hectic pace and likes to prove his superiority in every area. Challenges stimulate him, but he hates defeat, not to mention the fact that he often exhibits bad faith when it comes to recognizing he's in the wrong. The Aries is a man of action and power who needs constant competition and novelty to be truly fulfilled. If he gets bored, it's the beginning of the end!

In love, the Aries man is renowned for forever falling in love at first sight and then following it with apocalyptic break ups, dreadful rows and passionate reconciliations. He is very dominated by his sexuality; he likes to seduce in a frenzy and easily ends things. During the seduction phase, if he feels resistance, it will only encourage him to do everything to make the person who attracts him crack. He loves taking his chance with people who are rather haughty, not very accessible and who have a very assertive character.

Generally Aries men are compatible with partners who are: Leo, Gemini or Sagittarius. 


to lead, to take risks, to accept challenges


routine, indecision, being dominated

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