Do you know what kind of friend Gemini is?

To become friends with a Taurus, you will have to show that you are interested in them for themselves and that you are trustworthy. They like you to follow their advice and they don't like people with completely unrealistic ideas. In fact, they like calm, quiet people, people who resemble them! Be pragmatic and talk to them about things that interest them. You also need to be understanding and not judgmental. Above all, do not be dramatic because Taurus do not like effusive emotions which make them feel uncomfortable. 

If you want to keep your friendship with a Taurus intact, don't try to impose your decisions on them or try to control them. And don't keep changing your mind about things as that will quickly bore them! To make them happy, organize shopping trips, or meetings in a local cafe where you can eat cake and chat. 


listening, advising, finding solutions


gossip, false pretenses, intrusive people

5 reasons why a Taurus is a good friend to have 

  • Taurus is a loyal friend that you can count on no matter what the circumstances. They will not abandon you over a small dispute or simple misunderstanding. They will always listen to you when you need to get things off your chest and will support you no matter what. 
  • Taurus accepts you as you are, no matter what your faults they will not seek to change you. 
  • Taurus makes sure you always feel safe with them and makes it a point of honor to ensure your moral and physical protection. 
  • Taurus is a trustworthy friend with whom you can share any secrets. As far as they are concerned, the two of you have signed a mutual confidentiality clause! 
  • Taurus is a genuine friend. If they spend time with you, it's not because they're after something but because they enjoy being your company. 

« In friendship as in love, I am faithful. »

How should you manage a conflict with a Taurus friend?

If it's just a minor blip, the main thing is to wait for the tension to decrease. Though Taurus can be stubborn they are also interested in peacemaking if you stay open to dialogue. If you don't want to set them off, refrain from raising your voice and present your arguments calmly.

On the other hand, if a Taurus feels betrayed by what you have done or said, it is very rare they will forgive because the unpleasant memory remains imprinted on their mind. The moral of this story is, it's better not to stab a Taurus in the back because your friendship won't survive it. 

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