Do you know what Gemini is like in love?

Gemini is very uncomfortable about expressing their feelings. It's simpler for them to say they don't feel anything, even if it's a lie. For Gemini feelings are about intimacy and they don't feel intimacy is for them. Being emotionally close to someone makes them feel uncomfortable and destabilized.

Gemini wants to be the master of their environment, so love is an intellectual pursuit for them. This helps them not feel vulnerable, and it's also why they prefer flirting because that doesn't commit them to anything. Gemini tends to try to avoid any emotional attachments. 


to seduce, to experience new things, to entertain


to be bored, to feel trapped, to be constrained

What's it like being in a relationship with a Gemini? 

If you want to live with a Gemini, know that you will have to arm yourself with plenty of patience and have a sense of humor. Don't expect big displays of affection, it's definitely not their thing. They prefer significant looks, or playful words. If you like to laugh, Gemini will be happy to exercise their humor on a daily basis. However, this can quickly become unbearable as they have a tendency to be hurtful without realizing it. Under the pretext of teasing, they can niggle about your weaknesses or be very heavy handed. In fact, they find it hard to interpret your emotions and adapt what they say accordingly. 

Gemini is quite resourceful and a tinkerer, but don't rely on them to maintain a home, look after children or manage the budget. If it's important to you to share, you need to make it clear from the outset, otherwise you'll find yourself doing everything while they get on with whatever it is they want to do. And yes, Gemini always has lots to do!

« In love, I must remain a free electron. If I am deprived of my liberty, I will surely flee. »

How can you seduce a Gemini?

If you’ve set your sights on a Gemini; they'll have no problem with you making the first move. Nevertheless, as they are very observant, they'll quickly assess your personality and work out whether you could interest them, so there is a good chance that they will be the one to come over and chat in order to get to know you better. As they love to talk the only effort you'll need to make is to listen and show you are interested in them. 

Gemini is a curious sign, eager for novelty, so they love going to unusual places and doing activities that they find intellectually stimulating. What they want more than anything else is an intelligent partner, quick with a comeback and with whom they can have long conversations. Don't stifle them by suggesting you move in together after a couple of days or suggesting quiet evenings around the fire, you'll just make them run away. 

Sex – What does Gemini desire? 

It may seem paradoxical but, although Gemini is generally considered to be unfaithful, sex is not a priority. For them, it's something that can be pleasant from time to time but they can have almost as much fun thinking about it as doing it! Don't forget that Gemini is essentially cerebral and is definitely not very romantic. They often find their imagination more satisfying than anything else. 

Rest assured, this doesn't mean Gemini isn't interested in sex, they have their impulses just like everyone else and can satisfy them. But for them sex is only really interesting when it's fun. They will therefore be interested in subtle foreplay and sexual games. They like to experience new things but will easily abandon anything that they don't think adds to their sex life. 

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