Do you know what the Pisces man is like?

Shy, idealistic, a dreamer

Like his female counterpart, the Pisces man has a creative spirit that he uses in various artistic fields such as writing, music, painting or cooking. The only limits he imposes are those of his imagination. However, he is not a great adventurer because he loves his comfort too much. He therefore goes much further in his dreams than in reality. The Pisces man is very suspicious of human nature and does not easily trust anyone except his family and close friends. Naturally shy, he does not confide in others easily, and, moreover, he tries to camouflage this weakness by pretending he feels tired or needs to be alone.

In love, Pisces man's main fear is being rejected and as he is idealistic, he obviously seeks the perfect relationship. If he thinks he has met the right person, he will not hesitate to commit to the long term. On the other hand, the main flaw of the Pisces man is to flee conflict, so it is difficult to have a serious conversation with him. Therefore, first and foremost he will look for a partner who will leave him free to dream at his leisure while they manage the everyday routine.

Generally, Pisces men are compatible with partners who are: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn or Cancer.


to please, fusional relationships, to take his time


one-night stands, taking the initiative, people who are agitated

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