Do you know what the Virgo man is like?

Pragmatic, orderly, applied

The Virgo man is above all foresighted and stable. With him, don't expect sudden changes or surprises, he hates them and they frighten him! So from early on, he will look for a stable professional situation in which he will excel. Gifted in his work, he always aims for efficiency and performance while acting discreetly. He is committed to caring for his loved ones and is attentive to their needs. 

In love, the Virgo man always behaves like a perfect gentleman. Tender and courteous, he is definitely not a playboy who collects love affairs. It is his romantic side that partners find seductive and he hates one-night stands. His preference is for long-term relationships. He is very attentive to his partner, as well as understanding and, because he is very sensitive, is incredibly tender. He gets very committed to his relationship but often finds it difficult to express his feelings. His reserved character can sometimes cause problems in his relationship. 

Generally, Virgo men are compatible with partners who are: Libra, Cancer or Gemini.


controlling his environment, feeling supported, long-term relationships


changes, the unexpected, to expose himself in any way

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