Do you know what Gemini is like at work?

Gemini is not a being with excessive dreams of greatness. They are communicative and like to lead the group in which they work but as long as they can interact with their colleagues and their job is not static, they will be happy. They are unlikely to be the one plotting to take the boss's place. Moreover, if they end up running a company, they tend to be easily distracted, always between two trips or two meetings. They will therefore need competent employees who can make sense of their astounding flow of words and sometimes contradictory instructions.

Gemini is not the type to stay in the same job, or even career, for their entire working life. They won't hesitate to quit and then train for something radically different. What may seem like inconsistency to some is actually the mark of a Gemini's ability to always be adaptable and constantly question themselves. 

Their ideal job would therefore involve a lot of travel, plus plenty of oral and written communication. If the position comes with staggered hours, or they are free to choose their own hours, even better! Of course, their satisfaction will only last until the next opportunity captures their attention.


teamwork, communicating, moving


repetitive tasks, time constraints, being bored

What are Gemini's favorite professions?

Gemini flourishes in professions related to trade. Thanks to their charisma and persuasiveness, it's easy for them to find the arguments they need to sell their products, which can make them very successful businesspeople. From an early age, Gemini finds languages easy and a career as a translator or interpreter can respond to their passion. As this type of career is always varied there's no risk of them getting bored.

As a Gemini is as comfortable with the written word as the spoken one, they can also be successful journalists, editors or writers. Not only will they be able to use their imagination, they will also have the chance to make complex ideas clear and understandable to their readers. Gemini has a talent for communication, so it is not uncommon for them to be psychologists, advertisers, actors, radio hosts or even comedians.

« My job must always let me talk and move. Otherwise, I'll turn my back on it to find something better elsewhere. »

How can you work with a Gemini and avoid conflict?

At work, Gemini is generally willing, always in a good mood and with something to say to relax the atmosphere. If you like to chat, they are your ideal colleague. Nevertheless, if there is a bad atmosphere at work it won't really affect them at first. Since Gemini is very detached from their emotions, they won't notice it too much and since they don't have an emotional link with their colleagues, what the colleagues feel won't affect Gemini. In fact, they are really not all at bothered what you think of them or say about them. 

On the other hand, if the situation continues, they will become more uneasy and it will eventually exhaust them because they are not completely impervious to what happens around them. They won't get involved in the conflict though, they will prefer to change teams or change jobs.

What's a Gemini’s relationship to money and work?

Money is not a priority for Gemini, it does not interest them at all. Of course, they know they need to work to get money and, like everyone else, they enjoy having money, but making money is not their be all and end all. No amount of money can force them to stay in a job or with a person if they want to move. Their freedom comes first. 

Gemini is not a great money manager and don't expect them to have savings tucked away. They prefer to spend their money on things to occupy their hands or their mind, like books, video games, computer software, etc.

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