Do you know what the Cancer man is like?

Traditional, wise, committed

The Cancer man is very far from being an adventurer so if you dream of meeting an Indiana Jones, he's not for you; Cancer will suit someone who is naturally very careful. What matters most to him is to be secure and have solid foundations. He likes to have a routine that structures his life. Because his image is important to him, he is particularly worried about looking ridiculous and will always be discreet and keen to keep his reputation intact. He is very attached to his family and does not particularly like meeting new people. He can be a bit bearish but when he feels confident, he can be friendly and jovial. 

The male Cancer is very secretive about his hopes and desires. His main goal in love is to find stability. When he is convinced that he has met the right person, he does not wait long before committing himself. Faithful, understanding and considerate, he has eyes only for his partner and does his utmost to make her happy. 

Generally Cancer men are compatible with partners who are: Pisces, Virgo or Scorpio. 


family traditions, routine, childhood memories


break ups, instability, losing his bearings

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