Do you know what the Scorpio man is like?

Ambitious, hardworking, generous.

The Scorpio man is very concerned about his image, he is constantly looking for approval and recognition. His main motivation is to be loved for who he really is and what he does. He is an honest man who does not tolerate hypocrisy. If he has something to say, he won't pussyfoot but he will always be sincere. 

The Scorpio man likes taking up challenges and testing limits. From a very young age, danger has no fears for him. He is purposeful; he knows what he wants and how to get it. He is a hard worker who hates being inactive for long.

In love, the Scorpio man can be very difficult to seduce because he has quite high selection criteria. His other half needs to be brilliant, intelligent and admired by everyone. He attaches particular importance to the physical. So his partner must make him dream and impress his family and friends as well as him. When he is in love, Scorpio does not hesitate to commit, but be careful, he is a jealous and possessive being. He needs someone with a stable character who can tame his skittish side.

Generally, Scorpio men are compatible with partners who are: Taurus, Cancer or Libra 


frankness, challenges, being alone


hypocrisy, inactivity, precipitation

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