Do you know what kind of friend Aquarius is?

To make friends with an Aquarius, don't wait for them to take the first step. They are rather reserved and will rarely be the one to make first contact. Sometimes they seem not to have enough social skills to make themselves understood. Aquarius is often the source of misunderstandings during the first exchanges they have with new people. Their replies sometimes seem to be wide of the mark because they are distracted by their own inner world. They often fail to understand that their brain doesn't work at the same pace as the average person and as a result they are out of step with the conversation they are taking part in.

The advantage of being friends with Aquarius is that they are never interested in things such as age, social class, religion, weather, appearance, etc. In fact, they accept everyone without any pre-conditions! You just have to know that they are incredibly contradictory and that it can be very annoying. It is also necessary to accept that they are capable of disappearing from your radar for weeks on end, only to resurface without any explanations, as if you had just seen each other the day before.


encouraging their friends, talking about their passions, enjoying their contradictory spirit


explaining their need for independence, taking the risk of losing their personality, immediately rallying to the general opinion

5 reasons why an Aquarius is a good friend to have

  • Aquarius is tolerant and open-minded. Even if your opinions differ, they accept you and the difference is never seen as personal.
  • Aquarius is honest, they will never pretend to like someone, even if it would make things easier for them.
  • Aquarius does not have as large a circle of friends as one might imagine. They prefer quality to quantity and their group of friends is very close-knit. If they want to spend time with you, it's because you really matter to them.
  • Aquarius likes to push their loved ones to move forward because they are always thinking about the future. They don't torment themselves with "what if" questions about the past because they know very well that the past cannot be changed. All they care about is making the best possible progress towards the future.
  • Aquarius likes to encourage and give their support. They don't judge because they consider that is not their role and it's counterproductive.

« J’ai bien plus confiance dans mes amis que dans mes amours. La chute est d’autant plus rude en cas de trahison. »

How should you manage a conflict with an Aquarius friend?

Be aware that Aquarius is not very demonstrative and has an unconventional way of thinking. So if you don't want to face their sharp tongue, act in moderation and think carefully instead. Aquarius hates protracted conflicts and intractable situations. They believe it is better to remain open to dialogue by being tolerant. 

What works best with Aquarius is to be able to let go. Getting entrenched in your position won't do any good. Raise the white flag and toast your reunion, you will save precious time by not trying to designate a winner and a loser in this particular race.

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