Do you know what Aquarius is like at work?

For Aquarius, the professional world represents a place for personal and collective growth. They believe the way they function is no different to society in general. There is good and bad in everything but they need to keep a distance from things and not have too many expectations so they are not too disappointed.

The ideal job for an Aquarius must give them the independence they seek while maintaining a link with the causes that are dear to them. They may even start a business with a friend because they often involve their loved ones in their projects. If they cannot be their own boss, they enjoy working in charities or other humanitarian activities to help make the world a better place. And should they find themselves unemployed one day they won't remain out of work for very long, even if it means training for something new to broaden their skills.


being free, helping others, supporting a good cause


being in a restrictive environment, excessive authority, monotony

What are Aquarius' favorite professions?

As soon as one thinks of Aquarius, the first thing that comes to mind are humanitarian or co-operative professions. This sign needs something out of the ordinary, a profession that allows them complete freedom of movement and keeps them away from monotony. If, in addition, they can work for the common good, by protecting the environment or helping in a humanitarian context to improve the living conditions of people who are less fortunate, they will give the best of themselves to the endeavor. 

For the same reason, Aquarius can feel comfortable conducting scientific research such as biotechnology, medical research, quantum physics, new technologies, etc. As long as they feel they are contributing to improving people's lives and working in a relaxed environment, they will stay motivated and produce interesting results.

The field of education can also be perfectly suited to Aquarius because the transmission of knowledge represents the positive side of work that they seek. As this sign is very dedicated, becoming a social worker and providing support to people in difficulty is another possibility.

« My career is almost a calling. Making the world a better place is my main goal in life. »

How can you work with an Aquarius and avoid conflict?

Aquarius accepts authority as long as it is justified. On the other hand, if they believe it is being abused, they won't hesitate to say so. Whether they are the employee or the boss, they are not the type to impose a lot of boring rules, because they already have enough problems following rules themselves. 

What is needed above all is that you do not abuse their kindness and understanding. They like people who are honest and direct. So, if they notice pettiness or teasing that borders on harassment they can react quite violently and will settle things direct with the troublemakers, without referring it to management.

What's an Aquarius' relationship to money and work?

Aquarius have a very conflicted relationship with money because they believe it distorts relationships between people. They find it difficult to accept that people are judged according to the money they have and not according to their qualities and faults. 

Beyond these considerations, Aquarius is generous, always ready to help their relatives if they are in need even if doing so puts themselves in difficulty. They are a bit reckless with their money and often buy things they won't even use. Nor are they likely to compare prices or negotiate, so in financial matters they are cruelly lacking in practical sense.

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