Do you know what Aquarius is like in love?

The sign of Aquarius is a paradox in itself. As much as they enjoy interacting with people, because they feel deep love for human beings in general, they also need to spend time alone because emotional bonds tire them out. Finally, Aquarius is quite introverted despite some extrovert tendencies that may emerge from time to time. What they will never admit is their irrepressible need to break their chains. They will never stand long-term for anything that limits them, whether it be a place or a relationship.

They know that one day or another they'll need to leave everything behind them and are constantly fighting this urge. Nor will they ever say how different they feel from others because, although it looks like an extraordinary gift from the outside, to them it feels like a heavy burden.


their freedom, non-conformist relationships, living by their own principles


feeling reduced and limited, emotional dependence, boredom

How to seduce an Aquarius?

To lure Aquarius into your nets, you'll have to be buzzing with ideas. They need intellectual stimulus, so you'll need to be mysterious and unusual enough that they don't feel they know all about you after 2 minutes! The first thing you need to know is never ask them to betray their principles. Generally, you're more likely to come round to their point of view than the other way round. Be yourself, don't use tricks and don't lie to them about who you really are, that would scare them away immediately.

Aquarius are not partisan; they love everyone except bigots. But to really please them you need to be different to everyone else around. If doesn't matter that you're not perfect, so long as you don't act just like everyone else, they will find you attractive. Don't try to move too quickly with Aquarius. It's better to be a friend first, as they are very loyal and faithful friends. If you manage to be both their friend and their love you may have a chance of keeping them in your life.

« I say yes to love but never want to be locked up or suffocated by a relationship. »

What's it like being in a couple with an Aquarius?

Being in a couple with an Aquarius is not a bed of roses. Most of the time, you will have to be the responsible one for both of you because although Aquarius are charming, they are not very pragmatic about everyday life. They are allergic to obligations, authority, administrative papers and deadlines and so you'll be the one who has to deal with everything unless you dot the i's and cross the t's from the outset.

You'll be happier if they are self-employed because they don't tolerate authority and their frustration with work will really make itself felt. As Aquarius gets bored pretty quickly, let them get excited about what makes them happy, at least then you won't suffer from their bad mood. What is nice about them is that they do not seek conflict and are always willing to please.

Sex – What does Aquarius desire?

The sign of Aquarius is quite open to what they don't know so sex can be a place to play and discover. They enjoy good sex but take time to overcome their initial discomfort as they are fairly distant beings even in the intimacy of the bedroom. Before you can have a carnal relationship with them you need to acclimatize them. Aquarius' physical relations are primarily based in their intellect and relate more closely to mutual understanding than breathtaking passion.

Under the covers they enjoy laughing, so sex is often a playful interlude, filled with joy. For Aquarius, sex is not a serious matter, above all they want to have fun, and see sex as the cherry on the cake of a relationship that is already well nourished. On the program: caresses, tickles, acrobatics, fantasy and touches of humor. Everything remains lighthearted and cheerful!

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