Do you know how Aquarius behaves in family life?

In order for Aquarius to succumb to the siren song of marriage, they would have to be very optimistic about the future of their couple, which doesn't necessarily apply to them! For them to feel good, they need to feel free and be able to see the exit door. They are therefore much happier with non-regulated unions, a shared life but with the maximum breathing space. They like the idea of being together but each person being able to live the life they want. Going out with friends, coming home when they're ready, perhaps even separate rooms, none of this shocks them. If each partner can keep their independence and live at their own rhythm while being there to support and love the other, this suits them very well.

Becoming a parent is not essential for Aquarius to feel fulfilled but they aren't against the idea either. One thing is certain, the education they offer their children will be free enough to enable the children to have their own experiences.


discussing everything, showing hospitality, maintaining their independence


following the house rules, listening to the advice of their parents, accepting what is imposed on them

5 reasons why Aquarius is a good parent

  • The Aquarius parent is original and unusual. They are curious, friendly, independent and playful while still being serious.
  • The Aquarius parent is always open-minded with their children. No questions are taboo and no subject is upsetting, so it's easy to confide in them.
  • The Aquarius parent is a daily mixture of stability and surprise. Their goal is to teach their children the values of altruism and fraternity. And to help their children integrate well into society, Aquarius will also teach them tact, tolerance and sensitivity when exchanging with others.
  • The Aquarius parent has a highly developed protective instinct. Although they may not seem bothered by everyday realities, they ensure that everything is planned for their children.
  • The Aquarius parent loves encouraging their children to speak with them. So it's not unusual for them to be dragged into long discussions because they like to expose a reasoned argument to the full.

« I love my family but I prefer it away from my living space. »

How should you manage a family conflict with an Aquarius?

Aquarius doesn't do theatrical arguments. When they disagree, they will become cold and simply state the reason for their anger. With Aquarius you don't need to spend ages trying to worm things out of them, they just need to clearly express what they feel. If you want to solve the problem, don't try playing on their heart strings, just have a frank discussion where each of you can say what you think and what you expect from the other. 

This may be enough to defuse the conflict to the point that they can decide to forget about it right away. Always remember that Aquarius is unpredictable and is capable of immediately drawing a line under something that bothers them if they think a relationship is worth it.

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