Do you know what the Aquarius child is like?

Gifted, lively, curious

Although the Aquarius child likes to learn, they are often undisciplined and tend to have their heads in the air. They find it hard to sit still and it's difficult for them to fit into the mold of school, just like any mold in fact. The Aquarius child finds it easy to be friends because they are naturally pleasant. However, they love pushing people to see how far they can go.

Already fairly rebellious and definitely contradictory, they never want to do anything like everyone else. If you add to this their problem with focusing their attention for long periods, they tend not to make the most of their learning potential. Nonetheless, they are intelligent children who quickly understand things that interest them. If they are bored, however, they'll tend to dream through class or try to distract others.


changing their interests, spending time alone, being different


mixing with a group, authority, demonstrations of affection

What is the Aquarius baby like?

Cheerful, independent, expressive

From a very early age the Aquarius baby shows they know how to charm and which string to pull to get what they want. Already unpredictable, they will wake at irregular times, swallow a bottle with joy or regally refuse it, all with a smile. It's impossible to get mad at such an outgoing and happy baby, and their gaze and babble will completely disarm you. 

The Aquarius baby is curious and adaptable, already pleased with discoveries and wanting to connect with other children of their age. They like cuddles but not for too long, the Aquarius baby already needs their own space and air to breathe.

What is the Aquarius teenager like?

Cheerful, sensitive, provocative

The Aquarius teenager is a difficult being to pin down. They like to shock and to provoke and they take particular pleasure in contradicting everyone. They will systematically do the opposite of what they are asked to do, just because they can. And make no mistake, this is not because of a teenage crisis, this is clearly their real personality expressing itself. They hate routine and are not very persevering. 

Moreover, they change their interests all the time. The Aquarius teenager can adopt two types of behavior: either be truly taciturn and withdrawn under Saturn or be directly influenced by Uranus and a real revolutionary. So always expect the unexpected, they will never cease to surprise you!

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