Do you know what the Capricorn woman is like?

Loyal, organized, determined

The Capricorn woman is very tenacious. Although she may not reach her goal quickly, she does it with a lot of perseverance and endurance. Above all else she likes clear principles and she likes things to be clear. She is intelligent and perfectionist. She likes to know where she's going and what she's getting into. She achieves her goals by following the rules and prioritizing. You should know that she always takes her time and moves at her own speed along the path she has chosen. Even if she faces almost unsurmountable difficulties she will never give up because she has success in her sights.

Capricorn woman can be moralistic and rigid with people who do not think like her. This may, of course, cause difficulties in communication, but she can manage to soften this characteristic as she ages. In love, she is always cautious and demanding, seeking above all protection and security. If she is not sure of getting this, as well as absolute fidelity, she prefers to stay single.

Generally, Capricorn women are compatible with partners who are: Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo or Pisces.


accuracy, upholding standards, feeling safe


delegating, things that are not finished, laziness

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