Do you know how Capricorn behaves in family life?

Once Capricorn is certain their partner is serious, they will think about marriage because it is an institution they respect. As their actions are always consistent, it seems normal to them to formalize their relationships, even though they have no guarantee they will last for life. However, a Capricorn is not obsessed about getting married as they enjoy living alone and don't need marriage to feel fulfilled as a human being.

A Capricorn will only think about being a parent once they have the means to support a child, if they feel responsible enough (and believe their partner is too), if it's the right time, etc. 

In short, they have a lot of things to think about first but they are keen that their children have the best start they can. It goes without saying that they will have strict rules for their children, aimed at teaching them to be independent as quickly as possible. It's also true that they are not very demonstrative with their partners or children but compensate for this by always being there if there is a problem to solve.


managing alone, listening to the advice of their parents, people who keep their word


demonstrations of affection, being dependent on someone else, lack of structure

5 reasons why Capricorn is a good parent

  • The Capricorn parent is very organized and never shirks their responsibility. They make sure they keep their promises and if ever that becomes impossible always explain why.
  • The Capricorn parent has an immutable affection for their children, but expects them to be honest in all circumstances and to respect the traditions that their parent has respected since their own childhood.

    The Capricorn parent is very patient in helping their children to grow and accept the realities of existence.
  • The Capricorn parent teaches their children discipline and responsibility from a young age. They hate laziness and idleness and will do everything to cultivate habits of courage and perseverance.
  • The Capricorn parent appears severe but hides a loving nature and bursts of affection. They are very attentive to everything that concerns their children. 

« Even though I don't often tell them that I love them, my family is everything to me. »

How can you manage a family conflict with a Capricorn?

In the event of a family conflict, Capricorn is very distant and even if you try moving them with tears will be unable to show empathy. The problem with Capricorns is that they rarely explode; they tend to a cold anger that they keep bottled up inside. Note that they really know how to hold a grudge and the worse the insult they feel they suffered, the longer they'll cling onto it! 

If you want to make things better, don't try to soften them up, rather present them with objective facts and frank explanations. Just keep in mind that even if a Capricorn appears to forgive you, they will never forget what you may have said or done.

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