Do you know what kind of friend Capricorn is?

In order to become friends with a Capricorn, you'll have to prove yourself and be trustworthy. This sign is a stickler for keeping their word so if you make them a promise, make sure you deliver. Your reliability will determine the how long the friendship lasts and how quickly Capricorn will learn to lower their guard around you.

Know that even something very small can upset them, they are quite sensitive because of the pressure they put on themselves. Even with a long-time friend, they can still feel uncomfortable, afraid of saying the wrong thing or looking ridiculous. No matter what happens, they fear being betrayed so much that they never really relax their vigilance. 

With their friends, they enjoy talking about serious things like work, but also like giving practical advice and sharing memories. And when they feel particularly relaxed, they may even let themselves be humorous.


one-on-one meetings, evoking common memories, talking about serious things


making big statements, trusting easily, being the center of attention

5 reasons why Capricorn is a good friend to have

  • Capricorn is serious and honest, they can't stand cowardice or lying. For them friendships are based on honesty and if there is no honesty, there is no friendship. So once they have chosen you as a friend they will never let you go.
  • Capricorn stays Zen in all circumstances. Moreover, they enjoy mediating a conflict because they hate unnecessary arguments. Everyone trusts them to find a solution to the problem and generally their Olympian calm has its effect on all the protagonists.
  • Capricorn has very strong ethics and if you have the same approach to life your relationship will easily last a long-time.
  • Capricorn prefers to have a small circle of trusted friends with whom they can be their gentle and sometimes fragile selves. In fact, even though they will never ask, they love being reassured!
  • Capricorn is a deeply faithful being in friendship as well as in love. They hate instability and their friendships need to be as solid as a rock. 

« In friendship, I prefer quality to quantity. The few friends I have are therefore faithful and true. »

How should you manage a conflict with a Capricorn friend?

Capricorn can easily be moralistic and this can create tensions with their friends. If you have broken a promise or deliberately tried to harm them, they will find it very hard to forgive you.

If you have an argument don't forget that Capricorn is very unyielding and never forgets anything. It's pointless telling them a sob story or lying, they are not stupid. What they expect most of all is honesty so the problem can be solved. It's a good idea to suggest compromises or solutions to help you find common ground.

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