Do you know what Capricorn is like at work?

What motivates a Capricorn the most is the idea of improving themselves, moving forward, doing better and growing year after year. They are very enthusiastic if they are offered a job with responsibilities. They need to take a project from beginning to end, from conception to success. So for them the ideal job is one that gives them a chance to progress and develop. Regardless of the area involved, as long as there is a way to climb the ladder and be rewarded for effort, it is perfect for them. All they ask is a position in a stable company that offers good prospects for development.

Know that Capricorn hate being inactive and if they lose their job, they will do everything possible to find something else, even if it means taking a job that doesn't reflect their skills, or starting again at the bottom of the ladder. They will even create their own job, rather than stand around doing nothing.


rigor, punctuality, perseverance


delays, being inaccurate, working in a team

What are Capricorn's favorite professions?

Capricorns are hardworking and put a lot of effort into everything they do. Since they rarely act on a whim and are very thoughtful and meticulous, they excel in professions such as surgery. Their great concentration and thoroughness are valuable assets and they will never settle for work done poorly. Since they are rigorous and do not allow themselves to be guided by their emotions, they could also enjoy a career in the army where their sense of discipline, effort and responsibility will be appreciated.

Capricorns are also found in mechanical, archaeological or manual trades that require patience and great precision. Thanks to their ability to think and their prudence, they also have great careers in finance as portfolio or wealth managers, insurers, etc.

« I owe my professional success to my own efforts and determination. »

How can you work with a Capricorn and avoid conflict?

Capricorn doesn't particularly like teamwork, but if they don't have a choice, they will get on with it cheerfully. They are even willing to take part in things arranged outside work so people don't think they are anti-social and they stay part of the group. On the other hand, they will do everything they can to keep their private lives private. They tend to think that mixing work and private life is dangerous, so will rarely make friends at work.

As a boss, they have high standards and comply with the rules and regulations just like they expect everyone else to. They respect anyone who works for them conscientiously and in good faith. So if you want to avoid conflicts all you need to do is respect the rules, respect your managers and be on time for work.

What's a Capricorn's relationship to money and work?

It should be noted that, just like in every other area of their life, Capricorn does not joke when it comes to money. They are aware that it is indispensable if you want a good life. It is, therefore, a resource that they will never throw around. Capricorn spends only what is necessary and is rarely overdrawn. They prefer to spend on things that are useful and buy quality that they expect to last.

With the money they earn at work their priority is to save as much as possible for their retirement, and to build up something they can leave to their children later on.

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