Do you know what the Sagittarius woman is like?

Sincere, optimistic, assertive

The Sagittarius woman is the ideal friend or companion, always sincere and tactful, and always able to give good advice thanks to her natural objectivity. She is a woman faithful in love and friendship, but be careful, she can withdraw her affection from you as quickly as she has given it if you have the misfortune to disappoint her. Know that Sagittarius woman really bears a grudge so it is better to avoid breaking the trust she has placed in you. Always optimistic and in a good mood, she believes in the goodness of human nature and knows how to communicate her enthusiasm to those around her. 

In love, the Sagittarius woman is always faithful to her partner and sincere in her feelings. In return, she expects total frankness from her lover and lots of demonstrations of affection; the more the better because as far as she is concerned too much is better than not enough!

Generally, Sagittarius women are compatible with partners who are: Gemini, Aries or Leo 


frankness, demonstrations of affection, fidelity


bending to the rules, demonstrations of authority, being punctual

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