Do you know what Capricorn is like in love?

Capricorn is very clearly an introvert. They really hate excessive emotional demonstrations and tend to keep a lot of things to themselves. If they allowed themselves to express what they really felt it would be tantamount to revealing their flaws and it is out of the question for them to put themselves in that sort of danger.

Capricorn lives in fear of being dependent on someone. They are also afraid of falling short in what they consider their duties. In fact, they have a lot of complexes, often the result of painful experiences that they find it hard to put behind them. So this sign is happiest when they have control over their lives and know they can do what is necessary to move forward.


lasting commitments, having some time alone, being reassured


vulgarity, frivolity, effusive emotions

How can you seduce a Capricorn?

When it comes to seduction, Capricorn rarely takes the first step because they lack self-confidence. If you want to attract one, behave responsibly and with integrity, be courageous, show you can think and, above all, have your own ideas. Being a bit eccentric or utopian may charm them because secretly they would like to be like that too but, on the other hand, if they believe you are superficial, too much of an oddball or insincere they won't be interested for long.

To make Capricorn feel comfortable don't come on too strong or flirt too much. As they are sentimental and rather shy behind their cold front it's better to give them some space. If you have a date, avoid crowded places and don't try to force them to do anything. If they like you, they will come around, but at their own pace. They do a lot of thinking, so be patient, they need time to decide.

« In love, I am the fire under the ice. But I only give myself when I feel totally secure. »

What's it like being in a couple with a Capricorn?

Even if they are devoted and caring, don't expect a Capricorn to show you signs of affection in public. That said, in private they will be more demonstrative, with tender touches, loving words or special looks. And passion is strictly reserved for private. In everyday life, you can always count on Capricorn to help with routine tasks. Above all, they are keen to ensure there is enough money coming in guarantee their family doesn't lack anything. They are hard workers and capable of staying at work for as long as necessary to complete priority tasks.

Capricorn has a rather dominant character and wants to control everything, so you'll need to assert yourself from the outset to ensure that your needs and desires are taken into account. Don't give an inch, you need to show you are their equal and you too have the right to decide on what happens in your home.

Sex – What does Capricorn desire?

For Capricorn, making love is a basic and natural need. It's something they enjoy, although they need a lot of time to get over their tendency to excessive modesty. Their lack of self-confidence can stop them completely letting themselves go. Capricorns are so serious and in control of themselves that they find it hard to relax. For them, sex brings responsibilities and should be accompanied by a commitment to love. They are unlikely to sleep with just anyone and, moreover, faithfulness is one of their fundamental principles.

On the other hand, once the Capricorn feels confident, they are very good in bed! Behind their icy facades sleep flames of passion that are just waiting to be fanned. When they feel secure and happy, they become insatiable, demanding and extremely sensual.

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