Do you know what the Aries woman is like?

Passionate, bold, energetic

Aries are passionate women in all areas of their lives. With a slender silhouette and a penchant for glitzy jewelry, the Aries woman does not go unnoticed. She feels free to try anything, so she is not afraid to engage in male-dominated professions. She loves competition and above all hates mediocrity and passivity. Intelligent, lively and frank, she is also endowed with a strong need to argue; be careful of her words, they can be very cutting. She is full of energy and naturally needs to unwind in activities that take her away from her daily routine. 

In love, a lot of people are fascinated by the female Aries. She's also a keen conqueror and will do everything she can to obtain the favors of the person on whom she has set her sights. Being very independent, she rejects the idea of being a housewife, however, once she has found her soul mate, she idolizes them and can only see things through their eyes. She needs a partner who is more thoughtful than she is, someone who is tender, strong and confident and who will be able to tolerate her strong character without being crushed by it. 

Generally, Aries women are compatible with partners who are: Libra or with Libra in the ascendant, Leo or Sagittarius 


action, travel, competition


authority, weakness, inertia

Aries compatibility

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