Do you know what the Scorpio woman is like?

Ambitious, perfectionist, demanding

The Scorpio woman is distinguished by her dynamism; she is so energetic she’s almost hyperactive. She doesn't believe in resting on her laurels, never stays still for long and does not tolerate laziness at all. Her overwhelming energy can quickly annoy those around her but she won't make any effort to change to suit them. You either go with the flow or you leave her alone, she's not bothered. 

The Scorpio woman has great charisma and is very good at getting her way. This is a huge asset in her career as she can be extremely persuasive. She also knows how to hold a grudge when she doesn't get what she wants. In addition, she finds it difficult to control her emotions and feelings.

When it comes to love, the Scorpio woman's self-confidence and charisma mean seduction comes easily to her. However, romance can be difficult because she tends to want to be the power in the relationship, which some partners don't like. She doesn't like compromise and never wants to give in, which can create insoluble problems. When she falls in love, she idealizes her partner and she is often disappointed by the difference between her dream and the reality. 

Generally, Scorpio women are compatible with partners who are: Cancer or Capricorn.


challenges, extreme situations, change


abandoning her goals, making compromises, being disappointed

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