Do you know what the Virgo woman is like?

Affectionate, discreet, organized

With good common sense and a keen sense of observation, the Virgo woman is particularly effective in her work. She is able to adapt to different situations and make the right decisions without being controlled by her feelings. She may seem cold at first, but this is usually because she is often suspicious of people outside her inner circle. Always modest and reticent, she does not like to showcase her professional or emotional successes. She is very cautious and always prefers to set limits rather than take uncalculated risks. 

In love, the Virgo woman unfortunately tends to favor reason over passion. When she charms others, it is because of her privacy and discretion. As she is very shy, when she is in love people often think she is a bit of a prude. She is idealistic and romantic and needs to be reassured and protected. Unfortunately, she often falls in love with charismatic partners who do not meet her expectations. Sensitive and faithful, the Virgo woman prefers to lead a peaceful life and devote herself to her home rather than maintain an active social life. 

Generally, Virgo women are compatible with partners who are: Taurus, Cancer or Pisces


to think before making a decision, to put things away, to please her loved ones


failure, abandonment, conflict

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