Do you know what the Libra woman is like?

Sociable, spiritual, elegant

Female Libras are very focused on human relationships and have an absolute need for communication. They love going to places with other people so they can see and be seen. Some people think this makes them a bit superficial but think again, a Libra woman never does anything by chance. Every conversation she has will help her gather some information that will expand her knowledge. She may seem foolish or frivolous but she's actually hiding undeniable intellectual abilities.

Wherever she goes, the Libra woman looks for justice and equity. She does not like to see people left behind and seeks to restore harmony in every situation. In love, she is sensual, seductive and charming. Above all, the Libra woman seeks a very intense relationship, rich in emotion, communication and sharing. To seduce her, a partner needs to be cultured, poised, tactful and ready to pay her a lot of attention.

Generally, Libra women are compatible with partners who are: Aquarius, Gemini, Leo or Libra.


making the most of her strengths, meeting people, expanding her knowledge


competition, lack of tact, disharmony

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