Do you know what the Pisces woman is like?

Dreamy, creative, romantic

The Pisces woman prefers imagining life to living it because she finds it very difficult to face and accept reality. She is an eternal romantic who continually seeks true love and sincere feelings. Of course, when confronted with real life, her expectations are often disappointed. The Pisces woman is very open-minded and she is a great follower of meditation techniques. Moreover, she very much enjoys discovering ways of thinking that push her to create her own philosophy of life.

The Pisces woman is very creative, so is often found in artistic circles where she is completely at home. In love, the Pisces woman is always looking for an ideal partner who is difficult to find, since she dreams of a relationship straight out of a fairy tale. When she finally meets the rare gem, she demands her partner constantly proves their love but, on the other hand, is totally absorbed by her own story.

Generally, Pisces women are compatible with partners who are: Cancer or Scorpio


the esthetic, being flattered, testing the feelings her partner has


judging others, passion that runs out of steam, feelings that undermine her

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