Do you know what the Capricorn child is like?

Mature, resourceful, whole

Even if a Capricorn child loves you, they won't show it. In fact, they may even appear to be completely devoid of emotions and totally indifferent. Nonetheless, they struggle internally not to be overwhelmed by their sensitivity. This is how they fight their fear of separation and rejection. One thing is certain, they will never play on your heartstrings to get something they want or use their charm to make themselves loved. They are even capable of rejecting the affection you show them as if to prove that they are not worthy of being loved. But the truth is, they behave this way in order to avoid being disappointed or deceived.

When it comes to going to school, they will need time, because they perceive any separation as a sort of abandonment. So it's better to take it slowly before leaving them for a whole day. Initially, they will not be very communicative, perhaps more introverted and shyer than usual, but if the teachers are reassuring this should diminish over time. Of course, the little Capricorn will always remain a very serious child with little inclination to disrupt class.


getting good results, building games, achieving a specific goal


separation, experiencing emotional disappointments, showing their emotions

What is the Capricorn baby like?

Sensitive, quiet, stubborn

Capricorn is said to be born "old" and to grow younger as they age. The Capricorn baby cries very little. If they have a crying fit it usually means something is wrong, or that mom is a bit late with a feed. Even when very young, Capricorn is strictly punctual.

They are demanding toddlers, who require consistency and reassuring routines. Under their cold exterior, mini-Capricorn is already hiding a strong sensitivity to what goes on around them. They often act out of fear of being rejected but once they feel reassured and confident can be very tender and caring towards those they love.

What is the Capricorn teenager like?

Stubborn, secretive, responsible

The Capricorn teenager is not especially rebellious but has an unfortunate tendency to be stubborn, which can upset parents. It is very difficult to get them to do something they don't want to do unless you can give an almost mathematical reasoning why it would be in their interest. The young Capricorn is naturally introverted and has great difficulty communicating. Even if they need the support of their parents, they will not admit it at any cost.

The Capricorn teenager quickly becomes preoccupied by responsibilities and their sense of duty. Unlike many young people of the same age, they will easily help around the house and know how to manage their pocket money. 

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