Do you know what the Cancer woman is like?

Discreet, feminine, maternal

Cancer women may seem a little mousy but that's because they are very discreet and don't like to be noticed. They are cautious by nature and don't like to attract attention. What is most noticeable about a Cancer woman is her highly developed maternal instinct because she likes to take care of others. Tolerant, warm and welcoming, she knows how to make a lot of friends because she is never judgmental. However, don't think you can wrap her round your little finger, she knows very well how to make herself heard and is capable of being very angry. She is very creative and especially excels in artistic fields. 

When it comes to love, the Cancer woman needs a caring, kind and very present partner. Cancer women are very romantic and need to be in a strong relationship where they feel completely secure. However, if she feels too confident, she can quickly become capricious or jealous. Her weakness lies in her tendency to be emotionally dependent. 

Generally Cancer women are compatible with partners who are: Pisces, Taurus, Virgo or Scorpio. 


taking care of her home, feeling reassured, looking after her family and friends


lack of love, feeling neglected, conflicts

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