Do you know what kind of friend Scorpio is?

To become friends with a Scorpio, you will have to be patient and let them come to you, step by step. Scorpios don't like intrusive people, so don't shower them with questions or you'll scare them off. They cultivate their mystery and love people as mysterious as they are. Don’t tell them everything about yourself all at once, they need to find things out a little at a time.

Their ideal is for the two of you to go out alone, somewhere far from the hustle and bustle and try activities you enjoy. Be honest about yourself and do not embellish, because Scorpio has a very efficient internal lie detector. If you want to have a long-term friendship with a Scorpio, they expect unfailing loyalty. They would give you the shirts off their back, or even lay down their lives, so they expect you to reciprocate.


the intimacy of one-on-one meetings, cultivating the mystery, collecting the secrets of others


groups, agitation, confiding in people

5 reasons why a Scorpio is a good friend to have

  • Scorpio is honest; they will never settle for a lie, a half-truth or a lame excuse. So, if you are trying to hide a problem from your Scorpio friend, they will do whatever it takes to worm the facts out of you and find out what kind of trouble you've got yourself into.
  • Scorpio is a passionate being who lives everything very intensely. When they are happy, they will share it so you can feel it too.
  • Scorpio is your best confidant. Just because they don't like talking about themselves doesn't mean they don't like helping you get things off your chest. And you don't need to worry, they will never go spreading what you have carefully entrusted to them. They know how to keep a secret and even the threat of torture will not make them reveal it!
  • Scorpio is an intelligent being who knows how to conduct a conversation and who possesses a highly developed sense of humor. And yes, Scorpio also knows how to have fun and play with words!
  • Scorpios are well-balanced and know when to speak and when to remain silent. Sometimes they know what you need better than you do yourself. 

« In friendship, I am as possessive as in love. My only fear is being deceived. »

How should you manage a conflict with a Scorpio friend?

If you're in conflict with a Scorpio, you've set foot in a dangerous zone. If you want to get out without too much damage, there's really only one solution, you'll need to swallow your pride and show Scorpio you are loyal to them. Do not try to lull them with fine words, that will only fan the flames of their anger since they'll see straight through you. 

If you want to regain their esteem, find a way to demonstrate how much you want to fix things. If they recognize your goodwill and sincerity, there will be a way to sort things. On the other hand, if you've really done the dirty on them, move and change your identity, because Scorpio really knows how to hold a grudge! 

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