Do you know what kind of friend Cancer is?

Cancer is always rather reserved and it's difficult to become part of their circle of friends. They need to be sure of the intentions of people who want to spend time with them. More often than not, they rely on their feelings because they have great intuition when it comes to people. Caution is an essential part of their character and they will often ask loved ones whether they believe you are trustworthy before fully accepting you. 

Once they accept you as a friend, Cancer will always be there for you, regardless of the geographical distance that may exist between them and you. They are extremely consistent and won't hesitate to call or even visit regularly to get news. Very empathetic, what touches their friends, touches them too. In fact, they can make themselves ill just from empathy. They love to talk about their passions and dreams, their love affairs and their interest in spirituality. In short, I'm sure you've understood that to keep a Cancer friend, you'll need to share their whole life!


to be advised, to be reassured, to be encouraged


insecurity, feeling rejected, being offended

5 reasons why a Cancer is a good friend to have 

  • Cancer is a very sensitive being who loves listening to their friends and offering them the best possible advice. You can count on their support whatever the circumstances.
  • Cancer is naturally loyal. They don't have many friends but prefer to have just a few that are thoughtful and available because, as a Cancer, they are always there for friends in need. 
  • Cancer brings out the best in their friends. They love them, feed them (literally and figuratively!), and support them so that they feel good, forever trying to move them up and forward. 
  • Cancer loves lasting relationships, so their friends become real family members as the years go by. For them, friendship is for life and they will do anything for their friends.
  • Cancer accepts people without wanting to change them; they are tolerant, respectful and genuine with their friends. 

« When I give my friendship, it's for life. »

How should you manage a conflict with a Cancer friend?

Conflict management with Cancer can be very difficult. A Cancer's first reaction if there is a dispute is to hide away and sulk. And yes, this may sound like childish behavior, but when their sensitivity has been bruised, the only way this sign knows how to react is to retreat into their shell and stay there. They find emotion so overwhelming that they often don't know what to say to find a way out of their impasse. If you want to put the pieces back together again it's better to take the first step yourself, because Cancer is not going to do it. Be gentle and kind, aiming to use their own feelings to soften their stance. With a little luck, they'll have forgotten why you were fighting anyway and will find it ridiculous to continue being cross with you. 

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