Do you know what kind of friend Aries is?

First of all, to become friends with an Aries, don't be clingy because they hate people who stick to them like glue. Just like in their romantic relationships, you need to hang on to your independence. Be enthusiastic and optimistic because killjoys and whiners scare them off. You can show a bit of competitive spirit but it must remain friendly and not turn into a fight to find out who is the best.

To maintain friendship with an Aries, you must ensure you keep a rapport going and stimulate each other to move forward in life. You need to keep the energy circulating because you know what happens when an Aries gets bored, they lose interest in you. Aries expect their friends to be completely frank because they can be very straightforward when expressing what they think. Finally, you need to give them their space and have a little something that makes you unique so you stand out from their other buddies. 


frankness, group energy, discussing their passions


lack of honesty, deep discussions, applying the advice they receive

5 reasons why Aries is a good friend to have 

  • Aries are honest people and you'll never be uncertain about how they feel about you. They are simple and frank, and if something upsets them will tell it to you straight. They are also the best people to ask for advice or an opinion. 
  • Aries have a willpower of iron and are models of perseverance because they don't give up easily. They are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams and will help you achieve yours too. If you are the victim of injustice, they will do everything they can to right your wrongs and if your morale is low will be there to give you a hand back up. 
  • Aries loves adventure, so they are ready to take you with them to discover new things. Spending time with them is always rewarding. 
  • Aries is faithful and will keep your secrets safe. Nothing will filter out that could damage your reputation. 
  • Aries is enthusiastic and childish in some ways, with an optimistic character that will force you to enjoy life and have fun. With them around it's impossible to get bored!

« If you don't have an Aries friend in your life yet, it's high time you found one! »

How should you manage a conflict with an Aries friend?

Aries are very impulsive so if you find yourself in conflict with them, don't try to fight fire with fire or you could burn your fingers. Don't try to force them because Aries will always want the last word. On the contrary, be as calm as possible, set out your arguments one by one and don't try to coerce them into accepting you are right. They might find it out for themselves but will never admit it. As they have good hearts and don't hold a grudge, they'll look for forgiveness but obviously without admitting they were wrong!

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