Do you know what kind of friend Sagittarius is?

In order to become friends with a Sagittarius, be kind and open-minded. If you are ready to travel at a moment's notice, to try new experiences and you are open and direct in your thoughts and actions, you should find you'll have a strong friendship with a Sagittarius. To maintain this beautiful bond, however, do not be clingy, because a Sagittarius loves their freedom more than anything else.

When you see each other, a Sagittarius will want to talk about lots of different topics, like the news, politics, science etc. In fact, they are open to talking about anything so long as they can learn something new or tell you something you didn't know! It is important to know that Sagittarius does not like people who spend hours moaning about their lives. If you are having specific problems, they will listen to you but will also tend to give you a good shake to get you to react and try to see the positive side of the situation. 


teasing, going on adventures, trying something new


people who moan about their lives, the unspoken, being bored

5 reasons why Sagittarius is a good friend to have

  • Sagittarius always do their best to raise the morale of others. They are not the type to moan or let you do it either. And they will always help you find a way to improve things.
  • Sagittarius never stays still and is always thinking about the future. They are very active people who love to improve themselves and push you to do the same.
  • Sagittarius likes to understand others and know them on a deep emotional level. They never settle for superficial relationships. They love to study people thoroughly and will question you until they feel they know you by heart.
  • Sagittarius has a free spirit and an adventurer's soul and consider it their duty to do what they love and always feel free to be themselves.
  • Sagittarius goes straight to the point and will always tell you what you need to hear and clarify what you fail to say out loud. 

« I have absolute confidence in my friends. »

How should you manage a conflict with a Sagittarius friend?

The first thing to know is that Sagittarius hates conflicts and prefers to avoid them. However, if you find yourself in a disagreement with them, they may say some very harsh things. In fact, they are not known for holding back and rarely think before speaking. If you want to fix things between you then try not to hold a grudge and forgive them quickly so they can move on. 

If they have been betrayed, because they trust people easily they usually refuse to believe in the betrayal until they have tangible evidence of it. In this context, if they really care about the friend who has betrayed them, they will try to understand or even to forgive, but it's unlikely the friendship will be the same in the future.

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