Do you know what kind of friend Pisces is?

If you want to make friends with a Pisces they will need to feel peaceful and harmonious around you. They need to be able to talk to you and share their feelings, dreams and desires. Above all, they seek to establish a relationship that is pure and devoid of unhealthy feelings. Pisces is often spiritual, so likes to develop bonds that encourage mutual support and elevation. As with everything else in their existence, this sign has a very idealized vision of friendship.

In short, to become friends with Pisces, listen to them and take part in activities that they particularly enjoy. Generally, they love to talk about things spiritual, music and TV shows. Avoid judgment and be tranquil in their world. Know that they need time to open up to you so don't be in a hurry for them to tell you all their secrets.


sharing what life brings, adapting to those around them, complaining about their bad karma


showing their feelings, making decisions, conflict

5 reasons why a Pisces is a good friend to have

  • Pisces is a great confidant because they are discreet, listen patiently and give good advice. Even under torture, they wouldn't confess the secrets you've told them. 
  • Pisces always finds creative solutions when you find yourself at a dead end. Thanks to their overflowing imaginations, no matter what area you are having difficulty with, they can always find an original idea to help you with your problem. 
  • Pisces is generous, loyal and always puts their friends first. Their empathetic nature will detect your distress no matter how far away you are and they will do everything they can to help you. 
  • Pisces contributes to your progress but will never be jealous of your success. All that matters to a Pisces is that you are happy and they will always push you to do your best to succeed. 
  • Pisces is always honest and diplomatic. They will be careful how they say things but will always be sincere in what they say.

« As faithful in love as in friendship, I share your sorrows and your joys as if they were my own.  »

How should you manage a conflict with a Pisces friend?

Just the word conflict tends to scare Pisces away, but if it does arise you'll have to deal with their altruistic and ultra-sensitive nature. Above all, don't rush them and be careful what you say because if you come on too strong, they will close up on themselves and not be open to dialogue. 

Know that if they feel deeply hurt, they tend to go and brood in a corner, unable to talk to you and even less to forgive you. To restore peace, you will have to reassure them and make sure they know how upset the situation makes you. Above all, put some feeling into what you have to say.

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