Do you know what kind of friend Virgo is?

Virgos are usually well educated and sophisticated people. So you have no chance of becoming friends with a Virgo if you are vulgar, ignorant, hateful, selfish or ill-mannered, nor if you neglect your appearance. This sign is also very insightful and intuitive, so always tell the truth and be sincere. Virgo hates false or dishonest people. If the truth is hard to hear, they expect their friends to be tactful and diplomatic. 

Virgos love to share their observations on people and life in general. They particularly appreciate giving their friends practical advice and helping them find solutions to problems because they like to feel they are useful. Any conversations they have with their friends should have a practical purpose. 


giving practical advice, being useful, always being precise


being part of a group, the unexpected, talking about themselves

5 reasons why a Virgo is a good friend to have 

  • Virgos are very methodical people. So, if you have a dinner to organize or a meeting with a lot of people, they will be able to help you plan the details to ensure it goes smoothly. 
  • Virgo knows how to hold a conversation. Very well educated and always up to date, they are very knowledgeable. They love stimulating conversations and debates where everyone shares their point of view in order to move the discussion forward. They are interested in your hobbies and your passions and remember just about everything you tell them. 
  • Virgo always behaves with respect and grace. They know how to control their emotions and never get involved in pointless arguments. 
  • Virgos are clear-headed and ambitious. They are very demanding when they choose their friends. If you are part of their close circle, it is because you are mature, open-minded and intelligent. They only spend time with people who enrich them.
  • Virgos are committed to their friends and will not hesitate to give up time to them if they are in trouble. 

« In friendship as in love, Virgo is of exemplary fidelity. »

How should you manage a conflict with a Virgo friend?

If you find yourself disagreeing with a Virgo, never underestimate their reactions because they certainly do not look at things in the same way as you do. Be aware that Virgo is very honest and upright and until they have clarified the problem will not be able to move on. 

Virgo will let you explain and give your reasons for your behavior while closely studying you and your arguments. Do not try to deceive them, they can read you like an open book. Human nature has no secrets for them and they can sniff out liars. When it's their turn, listen carefully to them without interrupting. Be frank and honest so you can regain their esteem and get back on a healthy footing. 

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