Do you know what kind of friend Leo is?

In their daily lives, Leos have no trouble meeting new people and making friends with them. There will need to be something almost playful between you if you want to become friends with a Leo. Leos also need to feel that you are honest and open and have a positive attitude towards life. What they like best are people who are constantly trying to grow and improve and who always try hard. 

For friendship to last with a Leo, there must be no malice between you. Loyalty, morality and respect are essential. Leo simply wants to have a good time with their friends without expecting anything in return, either material or in the form of services. Only pure and selfless affection interests them. In friendship, although Leo likes to talk about serious things as well as lighter subjects, they always want to keep it playful. They love to talk about anything at all, but especially about themselves. They don't like secrets and often feel a real need to express everything they feel. 


disinterested relationships, sharing their passions, spending time with friends


betrayal, feeling rejected, people making decisions for them

5 reasons why Leo is a good friend to have 

  • Leos love to help others and you can count on them at any time. Even if you don't ask, they'll know you need help and come riding to the rescue without expecting anything in return. 
  • Leos are honest with their friends and with themselves. They will always try to provide facts and evidence to support what they say. They can be very outspoken but are faithful to their values and principles. 
  • Leo always behaves like a bodyguard. They feel the need to protect you and ensure you are safe. When it comes to their family and friends, Leos are always ready to ensure they are safe and sound, whatever the circumstances. 
  • Leos are fun and funny. Even in difficult situations they will use humor to defuse things and ease tension. 
  • Leo is a cheerful being. When you're in a bad mood, you can always count on a Leo friend to cheer you up. Thanks to their childlike spirits they always want to make those around them happy. 

« Leo is as loyal in friendship as in love. »

How should you manage a conflict with a Leo friend?

Should you have a disagreement with a Leo friend, avoid direct confrontation, it is really not recommended. Despite their great hearts, Leos cannot be manipulated. In a fight, they can be ruthless and wither you with a single word, or worse, a single look. 

Given their high self-esteem and overweening pride, it is better to refrain from belittling them. Instead, give them the chance to say everything that is bothering them, even if it does mean letting them believe they are right. Wait until they have calmed down before you give your side of the story; it's more likely you'll be heard and understood. 

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