Do you know what kind of friend Libra is?

To become friends with a Libra, it is imperative to banish mood swings and not throw fits about unimportant things. If you are out walking with a Libra, be careful not to draw negative attention to the pair of you. Don't forget that this sign appreciates the company of people who take care of themselves and who are charming at all times.

To cultivate your friendship with a Libra, you will need to have common interests. If you are in a relationship, this is a plus because they like organizing meals for the two couples. Always keep in mind that harmony is what matters most to them, so they will be most happy when relaxing in your company. Libras particularly enjoy shopping and gossiping with friends. Their natural preference is to talk about matters of the heart, whether it is yours, their own or a celebrity's!


honest opinions, light conversations, telling jokes


injustice, rejection, negative attention

5 reasons why a Libra is a good friend to have

  • A Libra is a social being who will ensure you never feel excluded when you are with them. They have the gift of increasing your self-confidence and helping you to externalize yourself. With a Libran, the least excuse for going out becomes a celebration.
  • Libras are the most diplomatic sign of the zodiac and never do anything without thinking about it first. They always have good advice and do their best to ensure you are happy when you are with them.
  • Libras are generous and big hearted. They'll also share almost anything they have with their friends: food, clothing, advice, etc.
  • A Libra tries as hard as possible to always be fair. If there is a conflict, they will always opt to be neutral and try to calm things down.
  • Libras get along well with everyone and support their friends, whatever the circumstances. Their good vibrations and quest for perpetual harmony end up rubbing off on you without you even realizing it. 

« In friendship as in love, I do everything I can to be liked. »

How should you manage a conflict with a Libra friend?

The good thing about Libra is that they hate staying angry. They are always open to dialogue to try to understand the underlying reasons that caused a conflict or, worse, a betrayal. If you are honest and they feel you are sincerely sorry, they will forgive relatively easily because they know how to be fair. 

When necessary, they are able to put their ego to one side and rely on their sense of fairness to put things in perspective. On the other hand, if you have been found unforgivable, they will remove you from their lives, categorically and definitively.

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