Do you know what Libra is like in love?

Libra is a rather extroverted sign since Libras don't like being alone and need to be with someone all the time. They always endeavor to create a positive image of themselves, despite the complexes and fears they may have. Their physique can become a real obsession because of the constant need to please. However, their biggest fear is that they will never meet the ideal person with whom to share their lives. Even though they won't admit it openly, they fear being rejected and especially not being loved for their true selves.

Out of self-respect, Libra tries never to get into a conflict. Libras believe problems can always be solved with reason and civility. So, even when you push them to the limit, they will always do their best to maintain their self-control.


sharing, legalizing their unions, elegant partners


conflict, choosing quickly, being cornered

How can you seduce a Libra?

If you think you are going to seduce a Libra you should think again, because most often it is the Libra who will charm you, right from the outset. As they love to please they often trust people quickly. They are natural flirts so if you want to attract their attention, you'll need to try something other than charm. 

You should know that Libras hate relationships that don't amuse them and they like intellectual stimulation. Which is not to say you should engage in endless formal debate on controversial topics or scandalous gossip; that would just scare them off. Always be respectful, accommodating and classy.

And we're not going to lie to you, Libras like partners with money. Not because they are particularly greedy, but because they like beautiful things. They enjoy being spoiled and pampered even more. Libra loves comfort, so if you live in a cabin in the woods, you are unlikely to interest them. The last thing that is important is to have a full social life. The more people a Libra sees, the happier they are. Take them to cultural venues like art galleries and they'll be delighted!

« Without love, I do not exist and life has no meaning. »

What's it like being in a couple with a Libra?

As long as Libra remains at the center of their partner's focus everything will go well and they will return the favor a hundredfold. If they feel even a temporary distance growing between you, they will quickly become edgy or depressed. For a Libra life must always feel pleasant. If they are faced with gloom, boredom or deprivation you can easily lose them because this sign cannot tolerate frustration.

Libra hates conflicts too, so when you have something to say you need to be cool, calm and diplomatic. When it comes to everyday life, this sign is not super house proud and if someone else offers to do the chores they'll say yes right away. If you are living with a Libra, keep an eye on the bank accounts as this sign is not known for being economical.

Sex – What does Libra desire?

For Libra, intimate moments are above all about pleasing the one you love. They believe sex is a very important part of a relationship, a way of having a physical connection with each other, but it is, finally, less important than a spiritual bond. Libras enjoy physical intimacy but consider that intellectual compatibility is more important. In fact, this kind of ethical compatibility is not found on every street corner.

Under the covers, Libras are always looking for a perfect match between their desire and the desire of their partner. The emotions and the sex need to work well together because Libras don't tolerate things being misaligned. With Libra, sex is never extravagant; in particular is it never vulgar and always with respect for their partner. What suits them perfectly: dim lights, caresses, subtle eroticism, reciprocal attention and understanding what pleases their partner.

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